As part of our mission to excite and inform people about the natural world through exploration and discovery, the Delaware Museum of Natural History offers a variety of unpaid internships for college students:

College Internships

Education (unpaid)

The Delaware Museum of Natural History is currently seeking upper-level college or university students to serve as Education Interns for summer 2014.  These individuals should have a desire to learn more about the museum education field, including Summer Camp preparation, public programming, animal care, library/specimen database entry, and the design and implementation of an outdoor project.

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Development Dept./Special Events

The Delaware Museum of Natural History is currently seeking two upper-level college or university students to serve as Development/Special Events Interns for the spring, summer, and fall.  These individuals should have a desire to learn more about producing and marketing a fundraising event.  Students majoring in non-profit management, marketing, special events, and any discipline that involves writing for the public are welcome to apply.

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Collections and Research Division
(Summer only)

natural history n the study and description of organisms and natural objects, especially their origins, evolution, interrelationships and interactions with the environment.  Typically includes the sciences, such as botany, zoology, paleontology, or anthropology, dealing with the study of all objects in nature.

As part of its mission to “excite and inform people about the natural world through exploration and discovery” the Delaware Museum of Natural History announces an unpaid summer internship program for college and graduate students in its Collections and Research Division.  During this internship students will:

  • Learn curatorial practices and standards by participating in a variety of collections-based projects;
  • Learn the importance of research collections at natural history museums and how they compare and contrast with other, non-science collections (e.g, history, library, art);
  • Learn about career opportunities at natural history museums.

Requirements: Applicants must have completed their first year of college or graduate school and should be interested in pursuing a career in a field related to natural history, biology, museums, or libraries/archives.  Relevant majors include: biology, organismal biology, zoology, botany, marine science, wildlife biology, museum studies, archives, and library sciences.  

Dates: The Museum is open for interns Monday – Friday between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm.  A minimum commitment of 20 hours per week for 6 weeks is required (total 120 hours minimum). Days and times are flexible, but all students must attend a weekly seminar series Wednesdays at noon, June 11 through July 23.  

Internship Activities: Interns will learn specimen preparation techniques, data entry/cataloging, routine collection maintenance activities, special conservation projects, and collections documentation under the guidance and supervision of full-time collections staff. Opportunities are available in the Mollusk collection and possibly in the library and archives.

Other: The Museum is a 501(c) 3 non-profit and hours spent interning can typically be used to meet volunteering requirements of schools.  Students may be able to arrange course credit for their internships.  Students wanting to meet specific internship requirements for their course of study should contact the Museum to see if their needs can be accommodated.  A letter confirming the number of internship hours will be sent to schools upon request.  Students may also request a letter of recommendation for placement in their school file or for use in graduate school or job applications.  

To apply:  Please submit CV and cover letter to or submit to DMNH, ATTN: Terri Reed, P.O. Box 3937, Wilmington, Delaware 19807.  Submission deadline is April 11, 2014. The cover letter must address the following questions:

1. What are your career goals? How would an internship at DMNH advance these goals?
2. What special skills and experience do you bring to the internship?
3. What academic courses have you taken that are relevant to this internship? Include grades earned.

DMNH is committed to providing equal opportunity for all.

Discovery Corps Program

The Museum's Discovery Corps Program lets students in grades 9 through 12 fulfill community service requirements throughout the year, while learning about nature and science.  Volunteer opportunities include:  natural history instructors and craft assistants at special events, live animal handlers, and “Science in Action Lab” demonstrators. To learn more about our Discovery Corps, click here.

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