Where's Dude?

Dude the Museum cat is the unofficial mascot for the Museum.  When he's not working to keep the critters away, he likes to hide around the exhibits, and we need YOUR help to find him!

Can you spot Dude around the Museum?

Look carefully and if you find him, let us know! Each "Dude sleuth" will receive a special prize for finding our furry friend!

"Dude: The Museum Cat"

Did you know Dude is also the star of his own children's book?

The book, written by former Delaware News Journal reporter Bill Hayden and illustrated by artist Alan Peoples, is an effort by the Museum to tell their story at a child’s level.  Chris Hayden, Bill’s son and maintenance manager at the Museum, found Dude rummaging around the dumpsters one day and decided to take him in and care for him.  The story chronicles Dude’s life since that fateful day.

Stop by the Museum Store on your next visit and pick up a copy of "Dude: The Museum Cat" or purchase online here.

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