The following are highlights from the Museum’s many activities throughout 2012:

  • The Museum's Education staff continued their outreach into the community through the highly-successful Seeing Science Everywhere program.

  • The Museum expanded its offerings throughout 2012 with exciting and informative programming, including Star Parties, Movie Nights, and Special Event Days.

  • Extensive educational offerings included school tours, summer and holiday camps, scout and homeschool programs, preschool-style classes, birthday parties, and special events. 

  • Special free days and promotions encouraged visitation by families that might otherwise not be able to afford admission.

  • College students gained practical experience related to their majors as interns and volunteers, while also maintaining and improving access to the collections.

  • Collections staff and volunteers managed specimen loans to researchers and institutions worldwide. 

2012 by the Numbers:
62,771 Visitors
9,118 Participated in off-site programs
9,051 Took school tours
3,644 Students benefited from the DMNH Education Fund

Thank you for your support!

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