The Secret Life of Birds: An Avian Year

featuring Animal Behavior & Conservation Connections

The Delaware Museum of Natural History is expanding our partnership with Animal Behavior & Conservation Connections for a year-long series of exclusive and one-of-a-kind live bird encounters.

A variety of monthly events, programs and workshops tell the life cycle of birds. Each experience features different live species, themed crafts, games and activities, as well as the unique opportunity for personal interaction with these amazing feathered friends.

About Phung Luu

Fostered by a passion for working with animals from an early age, Phung Luu of Animal Behavior and Conservation Connections has trained animals for more than two decades, providing consultation services to museums, zoos, and conservation organizations in Delaware and around the world.

His training philosophy includes getting to know the birds’ personalities and needs, focusing on the effective use of positive reinforcement techniques and early behavioral development. While the birds will fly high into the air, they always come back.

Phung brings the birds to our visitors several times a year through a partnership with the Museum. The free flight bird shows and themed presentations offer visitors the opportunity to see owls, falcons, vultures, and many other birds up close, while learning the value of conservation, and the importance of caring for birds and the environment. Learn more about Animal Behavior & Conservation Connections on their Facebook page.