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Staff Directory

Phone: 302-658-9111

Fax: 302-658-2610

Executive Director
Halsey Spruance, ext. 302

Michele Harvey, Director of Business Operations, ext. 325
Bill Maslanka, Accounting Coordinator, ext. 326

Collections and Research
Jean Woods, Ph.D., Director of Collections/Curator of Birds, ext. 314
Liz Shea, Ph.D., Curator of Mollusks, ext. 319
Alex Kittle, Collections Manager, Mollusks, ext. 311

Jennifer Acord, Director of Communications, ext. 313

Development and Membership
Darcie Martin, Director of Development, ext. 303
Deborah Mackie, Membership Coordinator, ext. 320
Lauren LaBare, Administrative Assistant, ext. 335
Heather Hayter, Development Assistant, ext. 304

Education and Public Programming
Jill Karlson, Director of Public Programming, ext. 307
Evan Williams, Special Events Coordinator, ext. 334
Austin Conley, Tour and Outreach Coordinator, ext. 322
Cathy Perrotto, Camp and Scout Coordinator, ext. 306
Becca Holloway, Informal Education Coordinator, ext. 334
Julie Steinhauer, Education Office Coordinator, ext. 305
Lois Lamond, Education Specialist, ext. 328
Sydney Wallenhorst, Rentals Coordinator, ext. 301.

Helen Bilinski, Director of Exhibits, ext. 312

Facility Operations
Chris Hayden, Director of Facilities, ext. 318

Visitor Services
Terri Reed, Director of Human Resources & Visitor Services, ext. 324
Jessica Noble, Visitor Services Manager, ext. 317
Zachary Zajaczkowski, Assistant Visitor Services Manager, ext. 331