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Extreme Deep: Mission to the Abyss Opens June 18

Extreme Deep: Mission to the Abyss opens June 18  at the Delaware Museum of Natural History  Wilmington, DE - Coming to the Delaware Museum of Natural History from June 18 to September 5, 2016, Extreme Deep: Mission to the Abyss is an interactive exhibit highlighting the adventure of deep-sea exploration and discovery through hands-on exploration of life at [...]

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Extreme Research: DMNH’s Curator of Mollusks studies the creatures at the bottom of the sea

Extreme Deep isn’t the only focus of the Museum this summer. Studying the creatures of the sea is a major part of the job for Elizabeth Shea, Ph.D., the Museum’s Curator of Mollusks. Dr. Shea has traveled on more than a dozen scientific cruises in the Atlantic Ocean with the Canadian Coast Guard, the National [...]

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Visiting the beach? Take a look for the Delaware state shell.

Thanks to guest blogger Allyson Willis for writing today's blog post about the Delaware state shell, the channeled whelk. Allyson persuaded state legislators to pass a law declaring an official Delaware state shell in 2014 as her Girl Scout Bronze Award project. Hey there fellow beach goers!  It’s that time of year again when people start heading down [...]

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Blue Star Museum Program Starts May 30

BLUE STAR MUSEUM PROGRAM STARTS MAY 30 AT DMNH The Delaware Museum of Natural History joins more than 2,000 museums across the U.S. to offer free admission to military personnel and their families this summer WILMINGTON, DE - This summer, the Delaware Museum of Natural History will participate in Blue Star Museums, a collaboration among the [...]

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Blue Star Museums program returns to DMNH for Summer 2016

This summer, the Delaware Museum of Natural History will participate in Blue Star Museums, a collaboration among the National Endowment for the Arts, Blue Star Families, the Department of Defense, and more than 2,000 museums across America to offer free admission to the nation’s active duty military personnel, including National Guard and Reserve, and their [...]

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The Channeled Whelk: Celebrating Delaware’s state shell

Friday is Channeled Whelk Day in Delaware!  Two years ago, on May 6, the Channeled Whelk became Delaware’s state shell. The idea for the Delaware state shell came from Allyson Willis of Middletown, Delaware when she realized that even though Delaware has so many beaches, it did not have a state shell. Allyson encouraged her classmates [...]

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Earth Day 2016: Making a difference in OUR community

  An important facet of learning is understanding how to explain a concept. That's a key part of our Earth Day program this year. Seventh graders from The Tatnall School are presenting an interactive Earth Day event for 230 elementary students from Title 1 schools in Delaware and Pennsylvania as part of a collaboration with [...]

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Celebrating Sillimanite, the Delaware State Mineral

Today is Sillimanite Day! Sillimanite became the official Delaware state mineral on March 24, 1977, through legislation in the Delaware General Assembly. The effort to name an official Delaware state mineral came from our partners at the Delaware Mineralogical Society.  Sillimanite is a metamorphic mineral comprised of aluminum silicate. In Delaware, it is found in and around Hoopes Reservoir [...]

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A tiny box filled with nature and history

One of the newest additions to the Museum’s collection of mollusks is a tiny box of Cuban land snail shells with a valued artistic and historical connection to Delaware. The shells were owned by renowned Delaware illustrator Frank Schoonover, a gift from one of his most well-known clients, Irénée du Pont, owner of Granogue in [...]

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