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Professional Development for Educators

Quality assured classes through the Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood (DIEEC) and Delaware Teacher Center (DTC).

Science Up

science up birds and bugsNEW – Science Up: Birds & Bugs is a two-class series introducing early childhood educators to important facts about birds and insects in our environment. Hands-on activities and methods for discovery-based learning provide techniques for immediate application of the information into classroom experiences.  The programs include up-close encounters with natural history specimens, a tour of the galleries, hands-on activities for use in the classroom, and science discussion designed to encourage a new appreciation for birds and insects. Register through DIEEC.  Teachers from Pennsylvania or who take classes through the Delaware Teacher Center, please email Jill Karlson at JKarlson@delmnh.org to register.

 Seeing Science Everywhere

Seeing Science EverywhereThe Seeing Science Everywhere program, including Animals & Habitats and How Things Grow, teaches early childhood educators how to promote the process of scientific inquiry and implement the Seeing Science Everywhere lessons in their classrooms. This program focuses on common topics in Early Learning providing opportunities for hands-on exploration. Participants in program sessions receive complimentary samples of Seeing Science Everywhere Lessons and an introduction to the PNC Grow Up Great Lesson Center. The sessions can be taken individually for $25 each.

Healthy TogetherHealthy Together: Teaching Nutrition and Healthy Living to Preschool Children

This two-hour course explores effective ways to teach healthy eating habits, exercise and body awareness. Participants will receive complimentary samples of lessons about Nutrition, The Five Senses and My Body sections of Seeing Science Everywhere.

Seeing Science Everywhere Family Newsletters

Educator Events

Healthy Together

April 26 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

In-service Opportunities

The Delaware Museum of Natural History offers in-service programs at your site, designed to meet your needs. We can create programs specific to your students and/or curricular needs or interests. We also offer an array of training sessions from Seeing Science Everywhere, a hands-on approach that promotes inquiry based learning techniques, and lessons that can be integrated into your daily routines.

Teacher In-services can be scheduled throughout the year by calling the Museum’s Education Division at 302-658-9111 or through the Delaware Teacher Center or the Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood.

Scheduling a Program?

Teachers who have scheduled a program at the Museum or are planning one can visit the Museum free of charge before their trip. Please call the Education Division to inform us of your visit.

Contact School Programs Coordinator, Lois Lamond at education@delmnh.org or 302-658-9111, ext. 328 for more information.