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ArcticAdvLogoThe Arctic tundra shares its secrets in this provocative traveling exhibit. Arctic Adventure visitors take on the role of Arctic field scientists to investigate the shrinking populations of polar bears and their fellow tundra inhabitants. This exhibition blends inquiry-based science and relevant information to create a meaningful learning environment. Hands-on activities, supported by a narrative and colorful graphics, make the study of climate change a personal experience for all ages and fun at the same time: gather weather station data, identify ice seal species, weigh and measure a “bear cub,” try on snowshoes, study maps of changing arctic ice, use a microscope, and more.


RainforestExplorersLogoRainforests are important to Earth’s climate and are favorite habitats for frogs. However, frog populations are rapidly declining, and Earth’s climate is undergoing dramatic change. Forest burning also threatens habitats in the Amazon rainforest. Rainforest Explorers will visit a field research tent and try on climbing gear. Their journey takes them to the tree canopy where they will cross a bridge to the canopy raft. Hiding in a blind, visitors observe and identify a variety of tree frogs. Adding a leaf specimen and jaguar footprint to their field journals, visitors will continue their data collection at the weather station. Maps and compasses round out the many activities in this immersive exhibit.