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Special Exhibits

The Delaware Museum of Natural History enhances the visitor experience by hosting several traveling exhibits each year. This added benefit in the spacious Ederic Exhibit Hall broadens the scope of natural history content beyond what is covered in the Museum’s permanent displays. The changing material inspires specialized programming in the Education Division, with accompanying choices in Summer Camp and education classes.


Wicked Plants: The Exhibit

Wicked Plants: The Exhibit On exhibit: June 22-September 2, 2019 Inspired by author Amy Stewart’s best-selling book Wicked Plants: The Weed that Killed Lincoln’s Mother and other Botanical Atrocities, this fun-filled, family-friendly traveling exhibit gives visitors a safe, hands-on experience with some of the world’s most diabolical botanicals. Thought-provoking and educational, Wicked Plants showcases plants associated with a myriad of health effects, including pain, addiction, obesity, allergies, cognitive impairment and even [...]

Upcoming Special Exhibits


Be the Dinosaur: Life in the Cretaceous

Be the Dinosaur: Life in the Cretaceous On exhibit October 26, 2019-January 19, 2020 65 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed the earth. Travel back in time to see their world as they knew it, and be the dinosaur. Drawing on today’s modern technology and tested and approved by the world’s top paleontologists, Be the Dinosaur™ is an interactive and engaging exhibit where you’ll experience what it was like to roam the Earth [...]