Marine Mollusks of Bermuda: Checklist and Biography 2019-02-24T13:04:54-05:00

Marine Mollusks of Bermuda: Checklist and Biography

The Delaware Museum of Natural History proudly announces the publication of Marine Mollusks of Bermuda: Checklist and Bibliography by Russell H. Jensen and Timothy A. Pearce. This authoritative new resource includes modern and fossil species, a history of mollusk collecting in Bermuda, and all of the Bermuda literature references to each species.

Shell collectors, researchers, and other naturalists interested in western Atlantic mollusks will find a complete list of modern species names that shows their taxonomic placement and points out synonyms, misidentifications, and literature references to the species and illustrations. The book documents more than 900 mollusk species, including over 100 never before reported and 66 found only in Bermuda.

The cost is $30, plus $10 domestic shipping or $20 international shipping.

To order copies please contact Susan Kifer at 302-658-9111, ext. 326 or Click here to purchase online – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY