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The Delaware Museum of Natural History partners with many nature, science, art and educational organizations in Delaware and the region, including special partner exhibits designed to connect with and supplement the current traveling exhibit or other programming.


The Wands and Potions of Harry Potter

Herbarium specimens provide a glimpse into the past and present, as well as a window into the future. The plant specimens presented here are part of the Delaware State University’s Claude E. Phillips Herbarium collection, where over 210,000 plant materials from around the world are carefully preserved. Specimens are used by scientists, amateurs and students to identify plants, describe new species, document native and exotic species, understand evolutionary history, study plant uses, assess environmental changes, [...]


Shorebird Migration – Delaware Photographic Society

Spring is the best time to see shorebirds during their annual migration along the Delaware Bay. The sight of Semipalmated Sandpipers and endangered Red Knots feasting on nutrient-rich horseshoe crab eggs is one of constant motion and chaos.  The Sandpipers fly back and forth in undulating flocks, sometimes  catching the sunlight and then turning away. It is fascinating to watch but difficult to photograph with the constant motion. Photos of shorebirds taken by members of [...]