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This year’s Delaware Mineralogical Society’s youth award winners have a fascination with fossils. Both exhibits, The Mystery of Fossils and A Blast from the Past, feature highlights from the youths’ personal collections. They were chosen as award winners at the DMS’s Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show in March 2017 by DMNH Executive Director Halsey Spruance, Director of Public Programming Jill Karlson, and Exhibits Manager Helen Bilinski.

AustenThe Mystery of Fossils

Austen Specht

Eleven-year-old Austen is one of this year’s winners of the Delaware Mineralogical Society Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show’s Museum Display – Youth Category. He has collected fossils for over six years, including belemnites at the C&D Canal in Delaware, shark teeth at Purse State Park, NJ, and petrified wood in Townsend, DE. When Austen isn’t rock collecting, he plays the cello and piano in school music groups and enjoys swimming, soccer, running, and skiing. He recently bridged from Cub Scouts to the Boy Scouts and looks forward to lots of new activities. At home, he can usually be found in the big, old chair in his bedroom reading a good book.

IMG_3097A Blast From the Past

Timothy McCann

Timothy’s interest in fossil collecting began with family hunts for sharks’ teeth in Big Brook, NJ when he was only three years old. Since then, his love for collecting has grown. Timothy, now 11, is a true “rock hound.” He enjoys combing streams, cliffs, quarries and fields for ellusive finds with his many friends from the Delaware Mineralogical Society (DMS). Per Timothy, “I think it is cool that millions of years later we can find fossils that show us the plants and creatures that lived here before us.” His favorite fossils, displayed in the Mineral Hall at DMNH, garnered the Museum Youth Display Award at the 2017 DMS Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show.