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Project Description

Every year, the Delaware Mineralogical Society members loan mineral displays for exhibit at the Museum. This year’s exhibits include:

Field Collecting Favorites

Ross D. Elliott

Amazing and beautiful specimens can be found in your  own backyard! This display represents local and regional finds collected by Delaware Mineralogical Society member, Ross Elliott, during club-sponsored field trips and his own adventures. Most of the specimens displayed were found within an hour’s drive of the Museum! Ross’ favorite finds are the Native American artifacts representing cultures living in the Mid-Atlantic region thousands of years ago. Ross’ display includes float specimens, or those moved by a variety of forces and found lying on or near the soil’s surface. We hope these artifacts spark your interest in learning more about local historic cultures!

Sharing Legacies

Old and New World Collections

Delaware natives Carl Muendel and Joseph Feltzin were avid mineral collectors. Each started collecting geologic specimens at a young age and, as their individual collections grew, so did their enthusiasm for sharing. Carl’s specimens represent those typically found in the eastern United States and Europe. Joseph’s collection reflects specimens found in the continental United States. Upon their deaths, Carl and Joseph’s families honored their requests for sharing their collections with the Delaware Mineralogical Society.

A Family Cookout

Dan Coates

3,000 years ago, local American Indians carved cooking bowls out of soapstone found in nearby fields. The soapstone (also called steatite) was soft enough to shape using a variety of tools, yet durable enough to place directly on a campfire. Dan Coates, President of the Archeological Society of the Northern Chesapeake and longtime Delaware Mineralogical Society (DMS) member, has devoted decades to collecting, preserving, and studying the lifeways of Native Americans living in the Mid-Atlantic region. Included in his significant collection are numerous bowl fragments as well as picks and chisels used to manufacture bowls.

Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show Finds

Wayne Urion

Collecting mineral specimens can be challenging. While some minerals can be collected locally, others might only be found in another part of the world. Fortunately, events like the Delaware Mineralogical Society’s annual Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show help enthusiasts find sought-after specimens. DMS member Wayne Urion is an avid collector who relies on mineral shows all around the country to help grow his collection. Displayed here are Wayne’s most recent favorite finds from the annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, the largest mineral show in the world.

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