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Project Description

Sculpting Life in Motion

The Artistry of Kristen Visbal ~ Excerpts from Wildlife and Marine Life Series

Kristen Visbal was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, the daughter of an American Foreign Service diplomat. A bronze sculptor working in realism, Kristen earned her BA in Art from Salisbury University in Maryland, apprenticed in Lost Wax Casting at the prestigious Johnson Atelier Art Foundry in New Jersey, and has even borrowed from DMNH’s collections to inform her artwork.

Kristen’s sculptures have won numerous awards and have been exhibited at the Lincoln Center and the National Arts Club. Public works include the Cradle Of Coaches, a collection  of 10 heroic-size Hall Of Fame Football Coaches. Her most well known sculpture, Fearless Girl, created in celebration of  women, was installed on Wall Street in March 2017, inspiring  the empowerment of women worldwide and symbolizing  the call for gender diversity in leadership.

The Delaware Museum of Natural History has collaborated with artist Kristen Visbal and collector Richard Curd to present Sculpting Life in Motion. We hope you enjoy the exhibit as much as we enjoyed partnering with Ms. Visbal and Mr. Curd.

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