Project Description

Beyond the Leaves explores the enormous diversity in the botanical world from the perspective of fruits, seeds, and cones. While introducing us to the magnificent, the mischievous, the record-breakers, or simply the useful, it also takes us from our backyard to remote and exotic lands where some of the wicked good and wicked bad still await discovery. Behind the green leaves lie a world of wonders.

The plant specimens presented here are part of the collections of the Claude E. Phillips Herbarium. Specimens are preserved for scientific study, for teaching, and for documenting the world’s biodiversity. They provide a glimpse into the past and the present, and a window into the future.

Located in Dover, the Claude E. Phillips Herbarium is the only public herbarium on the Delmarva Peninsula and a treasure nurtured by the College of Agriculture, Science and Technology at Delaware State University, which holds true to the 1890 land-grant mission of teaching, research, and extension.

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