Hall of Birds


Dinosaurs are a perfect fit with the Museum’s extensive collection of birds, given the current theory that modern birds evolved from theropod dinosaurs. The Museum houses 118,000 bird specimens and nests in its behind-the-scenes Collections and Research Division, many of which are on permanent display for visitors. Guests can view an extinct Passenger Pigeon, 3-D dioramas, [...]

Dinosaur Gallery


The Delaware Museum of Natural History's Dinosaur Gallery showcases the only dinosaurs on permanent display in the state. The towering dinosaur skeletons, Tuojiangosaurus and Yangchuanosaurus, represent Asian relatives of the familiar North American dinosaurs, Stegosaurus and Allosaurus, respectively. A Parasaurolophus head and Archaeopteryx are also on display. The Dinosaur Gallery includes the Science in Action Lab, [...]