Wonders in the Dark


All minerals reflect light, making them visible to the human eye. Some minerals have a special property called fluorescence. When ultraviolet light is shined onto fluorescent minerals, the bright colors we see are not reflected, but emanate from within—just like glowing embers. The presence of impurities including uranium, manganese and lead cause the fluorescent effect. [...]

2017 DMS Youth Competition Winners


This year's Delaware Mineralogical Society's youth award winners have a fascination with fossils. Both exhibits, The Mystery of Fossils and A Blast from the Past, feature highlights from the youths' personal collections. They were chosen as award winners at the DMS's Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show in March 2017 by DMNH Executive Director Halsey [...]

Shorebird Migration – Delaware Photographic Society


Spring is the best time to see shorebirds during their annual migration along the Delaware Bay. The sight of Semipalmated Sandpipers and endangered Red Knots feasting on nutrient-rich horseshoe crab eggs is one of constant motion and chaos.  The Sandpipers fly back and forth in undulating flocks, sometimes  catching the sunlight and then turning away. [...]