2017 DMS Youth Competition Winners

This year's Delaware Mineralogical Society's youth award winners have a fascination with fossils. Both exhibits, The Mystery of Fossils and A Blast from the Past, feature highlights from the youths' personal collections. They were chosen as award winners at the DMS's Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show in March 2017 by DMNH Executive Director Halsey [...]

Shorebird Migration – Delaware Photographic Society

Spring is the best time to see shorebirds during their annual migration along the Delaware Bay. The sight of Semipalmated Sandpipers and endangered Red Knots feasting on nutrient-rich horseshoe crab eggs is one of constant motion and chaos.  The Sandpipers fly back and forth in undulating flocks, sometimes  catching the sunlight and then turning away. [...]

May on the Bay: Student Art 2017

Every May and June, the largest population of spawning horseshoe crabs lay their small, green eggs on sandy beaches along the Delaware Bay. But the story has changed: Overharvesting of horseshoe crabs for bait has reduced not only the population of these unique creatures, but also the number of eggs available for shorebirds, contributing to a drastic reduction [...]

Dinosaur Discoveries

In a thin, six-inch bone bed on the site of a former marl pit, Dr. Kenneth Lacovara is leading research at the Jean and Ric Edelman Fossil Park at Rowan University in Mantua Township, NJ. Some of their discoveries are currently on special exhibit at DMNH.

Long after the dinosaurs

Every year, West Chester University Professor of Anthropology Heather Wholey, Ph.D. leads students on archaeological expeditions throughout the Middle Atlantic region. During the course of their fieldwork, several discoveries about past American Indian cultures from the neighboring Brandywine and Octorara River areas have been made. Some of their discoveries are on special exhibit at DMNH. [...]