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The Delaware Museum of Natural History publishes a scientific journal Nemouria: Occasional Publications of the Delaware Museum of Natural HistoryNemouria publishes original, peer-reviewed papers on the ecology, evolution, systematics, taxonomy and distributions of mollusks and birds. Other taxa may be considered if the scope of the project focuses on North America or on a particular geographic strength of the collection (e.g. Indo-West Pacific or Philippines). Detailed descriptions of natural history will also be considered.  Nemouria is indexed by BIOSIS, sent to Zoological Record, and distributed to over 90 libraries throughout the world via exchange.

Authors wishing additional information about submitting a paper to Nemouria should contact editor Jean Woods, Ph.D.,

Publications for Sale

The Delaware Museum of Natural History offers for sale a variety of books and journal issues it or its staff has published on mollu
sks, birds, and other subjects. Availability of publications may change without notice.

For orders or more information, please contact Susan Kifer via e-mail at Place "BOOK ORDER" in the subject line and list which publications you wish to order. Please indicate whether you wish to pay online or by check. You will be contacted via email with merchandise total, shipping costs, and payment requirements.

Mollusk Publications


Marine Mollusks of Bermuda: Checklist and Bibliography
by Russell H. Jensen and Timothy A. Pearce. 2009. This authoritative new resource, published by the Delaware Museum of Natural History, includes modern and fossil species, a history of mollusk collecting in Bermuda, and all of the Bermuda literature references to each species. More information and online orders.

Living Volutes, a monograph of the Recent Volutidae of the World, by C.S. Weaver & J.E. du Pont. 1970. Covers 200 species with 79 colored plates, including photographs of living animals, maps, anatomical drawings, and complete synonymies. 375 pp. Hard cover. $15.

Exotic Conchology, by William Swainson (1841). A faithful 1968 facsimile reproduction, edited by Dr. R. Tucker Abbott, with a modern appendix of names. 48 colored plates. Hard cover. Out of print - not available.

Index Nudibranchia, a catalog of the literature on marine shell-less gastropods from 1554 through 1965, by Henry D. Russell. 7,000 entries, 2,400 titles, 3,500 subject and geographical cross references. 141 pp. Plasticized soft-cover. $10.

Ranellidae and Personidae: a Classification of Recent Species, by B.J. Piech, 1995. A catalog of taxonomic names for two gastropod families, covering 160 species and subspecies. 60 pp. Coil-bound. $12.

Indo-Pacific Mollusca, a monograph of the marine mollusks of the world, with special emphasis on those of the Indian and western Pacific Oceans, edited by R. Tucker Abbott, 1959-1976.  Available by single issue or complete set (see below)

Indo-Pacific Mollusca available by single issue (punched for three-post binder):

Nos. 1-5 & 7 - out-of-print (not available)

No. 6, Tridacnidae, by Rosewater (1965) pp 347-408. $6.50.

No. 8, Zoila, by Wilson & McComb (1967) pp 457-490. $4.

No. 9, Cassidae, by Abbott (1968) pp 5-202. $19.50.

No. 10, Turriculinae, by Powell (1969) pp 207-416. $15.

No. 11, Littorinidae, by Rosewater (1970) pp 417-506. $8.50.

No. 12, Tectariinae, by Rosewater (1972) pp 507-534. $3.50.

No. 13, Drupa, by Emerson & Cernohorsky (1973) pp 1-40. $4.50.

No. 14, Gabrielona, by Robertson (1973) pp 41-71. $4.

No. 15, Patellidae, by Powell (1973) pp 75-206. $12.50.

No. 16, Harpidae, by Rehder (1973) pp 207-272. $7.50.

No. 17, Mitridae, by Cernohorski (1976) pp 273-528. $27.00.

Blue three-post binder, each $9.50.

Guide tabs, set $3.20.

Indo-Pacific Mollusca - Complete set of nos. 6, 8-17, in three binders with guide tabs. $125.

Mollusk issues in Nemouria: Occasional Papers of the Delaware Museum of Natural History:

No. 16. A Biobibliography of William Harper Pease, Malacologist of Polynesia, by E.A. Kay & W.J. Clench, 1975. 50 pp. $6.50.

No. 22. Review of the subgenus Pterynotus (Gastropoda: Muricidae) in the Western Atlantic, by M.G. Harasewych & R.H. Jensen, 1979. 16 pp. $3.50.

No. 23. Twelve New Indo-Pacific Gastropods, by E.J. Petuch, 1979, 21 pp. $3.50.

No. 27. A Review of the Columbariinae (Gastropoda: Turbinellidae) of the Western Atlantic with Notes on the Anatomy and Systematic Relationships of the Subfamily, by M.G. Harasewych, 1983. 42 pp. $4.

No. 34. Johannes Thiele and his Contributions to Zoology. Part I. Biography and Bibliography, by R. Bieler & K.J. Boss, 1989. 30 pp. $4.50.

No. 36. Annotated Catalog of Type Specimens in the Malacological Collection of the Delaware Museum of Natural History. Gastropoda (Prosobranchia and Opisthobranchia), by R. Bieler & A. Bradford, 1991. 48 pp. $4.

No. 37. Rediscovery of Marginellona gigas (Martens, 1904), with Notes on the Anatomy and Systematic Position of the Subfamily Marginelloninae (Gastropoda: Marginellidae), by M.G. Harasewych & Y.I. Kantor, 1991. 19 pp. $3.

No. 38. Tenebrincola frigida, a New Genus and Species of Abyssal Volute from the Northern Pacific Ocean (Gastropoda: Volutidae), by M.G. Harasewych & Y.I. Kantor, 1991. 11 pp. $2.50

No. 39. Johannes Thiele and his Contributions to Zoology. Part II. Genus-group Names (Mollusca), by K.J. Boss & R. Bieler, 1991. 77 pp. $7.

No. 41. Annotated Catalog of Type Specimens in the Malacological Collection of the Delaware Museum of Natural History. Part II. Additions and Corrections to Part I (Prosobranchia, Heterostropha, and Opisthobranchia), Plus Bivalvia, Scaphopoda, and Polyplacophora, by P.M. Mikkelsen & A. Bradford, 1997. 76 pp. $8.

No. 42 – Three New Chitons of the Genus Lepidozona Pilsbry, 1892 (Polyplacophora: Ischnochitonidae) from the Aleutian Islands, by R.N. Clark, 2000, 16 pp. $3.

No. 43 – The Chiton Fauna of the Gulf of California Rhodolith Beds (with the Descriptions of Four New Species), by R.N. Clark, 2000, 18 pp. $3.50.

No. 44 – A Case Study for the Development of an Island Fauna: Recent Terrestrial Mollusks of Bermuda, by R. Bieler & J. Slapcinsky, 2000, 100 pp. $12.50.

No. 45 – Reproduction of the Malone Jumping-Slug, Hemphillia malonei Pilsbry, 1917 (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Arionidae): Laboratory Observations, by W.P. Leonard & K. Ovaska, 2002, 16 pp. $3.50.

No. 46 – A New Species of Chiton From The Aleutian Islands, by R.N. Clark, 2002, 8 pp. $2.50.

No. 47 – Stenosemus sharpii (Pilsbry, 1896) Rediscovery of a Forgotten Chiton From The Aleutian Islands, by R.N. Clark, 2002, 8 pp. $2.50.

No. 48 - Annotated Bibliography of the Florida Applesnail, Pomacea paludosa (Say) (Gastropoda: Ampulariidae), from 1824 to 1999, by R.L. Turner and P.M. Mikkelsen, 2004, 188 pp. $10.

Bird Publications


Birds of Delaware
, by G.K. Hess, R.L. West, M.V. Barnhill III, & L.M. Fleming.  2000.  Exhaustive reference of information about all birds occurring in Delaware, including history, distribution, and abundance.  Includes results from Delaware’s first Breeding Bird Atlas.  635 pp.  Hardcover.  $45.

Woodpeckers of the World, by L. R. Short, 1982. Reference treating every known species of woodpecker, illustrated with 101 full-color plates. 676 pp. Clothbound. $55.

Philippine Birds, by J. E. du Pont, 1971. Taxonomic treatment of 950 species and subspecies of Philippine birds, with 569 full-color illustrations. 480 pp. Hard cover. Out of Print – not available.

South Pacific Birds, by J. E. du Pont, 1976. Descriptions of 183 species and 311 forms, with 266 illustrations on 31 color plates. 218 pp. Clothbound. $8.

Bird issues in Nemouria: Occasional Papers of the Delaware Museum of Natural History:

No. 1. Notes on Philippine Birds, by D. Amadon & J.E. du Pont, 1970. 14 pp, 1 colored plate. $3.50.

No. 2. The Summer Birds of the Gila Valley, New Mexico, by J.P. Hubbard, 1971. 35 pp. $3.50.

No. 3. Notes on Philippine Birds, by J.E. du Pont, 1971. 6 pp. $2.

No. 4. Taxonomic and Distributional Notes on Philippine Birds, by K.C. Parkes, 1971. 67 pp. $6.

No. 5. Notes on Arizona Birds, by J.P. Hubbard, 1972. 22 pp. $2.50.

No. 6. Notes on Philippine Birds (No. 2). Birds of Ticao, by J.E. du Pont, 1972. 13 pp. $2.

No. 7. Notes on Philippine Birds (No. 3). Birds of Marinduque, by J.E. du Pont, 1972. 14 pp. $2.

No. 9. South Sulu Archipelago Birds: An Expedition Report, by J.E. du Pont & D.S. Rabor, 1973. 63 pp. + 3 pp. additions and corrections. $6.

No. 10. Birds of Dinagat and Siargao, Philippines: An Expedition Report, by J.E. du Pont & D.S. Rabor, 1973. 111 pp. $11.

No. 11. Annotated List of the Birds of Leyte Island, Philippines, by K.C. Parkes, 1973. 73 pp. $10.

No. 12. Geographic variation in the Savannah Sparrows of the Inland Southwest, Mexico, and Guatemala, by J.P. Hubbard, 1974. 21 pp. $2.50.

No. 13. A Revision of the Ruddy Kingfisher, Halcyon coromanda (Latham), by J.P. Hubbard & J.E. du Pont, 1974. 29 pp., 2 colored plates. $3.

No. 14. Notes on Northern Mexican Birds: An Expedition Report, by J.P. Hubbard & R.S. Crossin, 1974. 41 pp. $4.

No. 15. Geographic variation in Non-California Populations of the Rufous-Crowned Sparrow, by J.P. Hubbard, 1975. 28 pp. $3.

No. 17. Notes on Philippine Birds (No. 4). Additions and Corrections to Philippine Birds, by J.E. du Pont, 1976. 13 pp. $2.50.

No. 18. Geographic Variation in the Common Tody-Flycatcher (Todirostrum cinereum), with Special Reference to Middle America, by K.C. Parkes, 1976. 9 pp. $2.50.

No. 19. Status of the Night Herons (Nycticorax) of the Philippines and Vicinity, by J.P. Hubbard, 1976. 10 pp. $2.

No. 20. The Nomenclatural History of the Crissal Thrasher (Aves: Mimidae), by J.P. Hubbard, 1976. 7 pp. $2.

No. 21. A Review of Geographic Variation in Continental Populations of the Ruby-Crowned Kinglet (Regulus calendula), by R.M. Browning, 1979. 9 pp. $2.

No. 24. Notes on Philippine Birds (No. 5). Birds of Burias, by J.E. du Pont, 1980. 6 pp. $2.

No. 25. The Extent and Sequence of the Molts of the Yellow-Rumped Warbler, by J.P. Hubbard, 1980. 9 pp. $2.

No. 26. A Taxonomic Review of the Spotted-Breasted Oriole, by R.W. Dickerman, 1981. 10 pp. $2.

No. 29. Bibliography of Philippine Ornithology, by R.S. Kennedy, E.C. Dickinson & M.D. Bruce, 1985. 86 pp. $9.

No. 30. Three New Subspecies of Philippine Birds, by K.C. Parkes, 1988. 8 pp. $2.

No. 32. Notes on the Birds Collected in the Philippines During the Steere Expedition of 1887 / 1888, by E.C. Dickinson, R.S. Kennedy, D.K. Read & F.G. Rozendal, 1989. 10 pp. $3.

No. 33. Notes on the Menage Collection of Philippine Birds, 1. Revision of Pachycephala cinerea (Pachycephalidae) and an Overlooked Subspecies of Dicaeum trigonostigma (Dicaeidae), by K.C. Parkes, 1989. 9 pp. $2.50.

No. 40. A Small Collection of Birds from the Philippines with Notes on Body Mass, Distribution, and Habitat, by J. Erritzoe, 1995. 15 pp. $2.50.


Other issues of Nemouria: Occasional Papers of the Delaware Museum of Natural History:

No. 8. Proportions and Allometry in the Gray Squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis, by R.W. Thorington, Jr., 1972. 17 pp. $2.50.

No. 28. Notes on voles (Microtus, family Cricetidae) in New Mexico, by J.P. Hubbard, C.S. Thaeler, Jr. & C.G. Schmitt, 1983. 8 pp. $2.

Index to Nemouria Nos. 1-30. $1.

No. 31. Spiders of Bermuda, by P. Sierwald, 1988. 24 pp. $3.

No. 35. Morphology and Homologous features in the Male Palpal Organ in Pisauridae and other Spider Families, with Notes on the Taxonomy of Pisauridae (Arachnida: Araneae), by P. Sierwald, 1990, $7.


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