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The Delaware Museum of Natural History enhances the visitor experience by hosting several traveling exhibits each year. This added benefit in the spacious Ederic Exhibit Hall broadens the scope of natural history content beyond what is covered in the Museum’s permanent displays. The changing material inspires specialized programming in the Education Division, with accompanying choices in Summer Camp and education classes.


In the Dark

The dark—a place of mystery. Sometimes scary, but always intriguing, darkness beckons exploration and represents the unknown. But it’s also a natural evolutionary selective pressure that has caused plants and animals to adapt to ecosystems like caves, the deep sea, the forest at night, and underneath the ground. Since prehistoric times, humans have sought to find utility in darkness, and have invented ways to acclimate to dark conditions. In the Dark [...]


Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons is a traveling exhibit exploring human/dragon cultural connections through hands-on activities and encounters with live reptiles. The exhibit is split into three Dragon “realms” – Medieval, Asian, and Paleontology. Each realm has a colorful and intricately-designed set like a fire-breathing Dragon poking his head out of a castle.  Educational signage provides each visitor information on the mythology of Dragons as well as facts on real-life “dragons.” Integrated within each of these realms [...]