December 3, 2011 - February 26, 2012 

The Sahara has proven to be an incredibly rich source of fossils. There, hidden in the sands of the African desert, world-renowned paleontologist Paul Sereno, Ph.D., found the discoveries of a lifetime. Giants: African Dinosaurs features these breakthroughs, with clues to the mystery of how shifting continents affected dinosaur evolution.

· View 25-foot-long skeletons of theropods Deltadromeus and Afrovenator
· Size yourself up against a six-foot-tall Jobaria leg bone 
· Touch a plant-eater’s skull and a petrified tree trunk
· Learn about Paul Sereno, Ph.D.’s paleontological adventures
· Look into the eyes of a Carcharodontosaurus head and imagine being chased by one of the largest predators ever to walk the earth

Created by Project Exploration. Sponsored by DuPont. 

In conjunction with Giants: African Dinosaurs, Sam and Lisa Hobbs of Greenville, Del., are loaning their bronze sculptures of African mammals to the Museum for a special exhibit on view in the Skylight Gallery. The featured pieces were created by South African artist Donald Greig, part of a well-known family of jewelers who specializes in both miniature and life-sized bronze casts.


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