Rainforest Adventure
October 6, 2012 - January 6, 2013

Help Save the Rainforests!

Rainforest Adventure is a multisensory expedition that introduces visitors to tropical rainforests around the world, highlights the challenges facing these unique ecological wonders, and suggests ways that people can make a difference. Created by Stepping Stones Museum for Children and sponsored locally by DuPont.


• Meet scientists and explore the ways they study rainforests

• Become a research assistant through assignments, costumes and props

• Take a closer look at plant and material slides through an oversized microscope

• Climb a kapok tree that’s 9 feet tall

• Study plant and animal life in the different layers of the rainforest

• Weave on a loom

Climb through a tree log to discover animals that make their homes there.

• Explore a gorilla nest

• Discover products that come from tropical rainforests

• Visit children around the world and learn how their families help protect the rainforests

• Learn about what you can do to help protect rainforests around the world.

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