This Writing is on Fire!

Congratulations to the winners of the Spring 2016 Writing Contest: Great Balls of Fire. Here are the winning submissions from these talented students, based off of our most recent traveling exhibit. All writing is original. While we transcribed their work here, we kept the writing as it was written by the kids. They did a great job!

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Rocky and Bumpy

by Audrey Claire, Kindergarten winner

Once upon a time there was a astroid floating in space. Its name was Rocky. But suddenly rocky crashed into Earth. He was stuck! He said, “I am stuck! I can not get out of the atmosphere. Great balls of fire!” Then Rocky saw another astroid coming to Earth. It landed next to Rocky. The astroid said, “Hi. My name is Bumpy.” Rocky said, “Hi. My name is Rocky. Do you know how to get back to outer space?” Bumpy said “Yes! I can get back to outer space. Let’s hold hands and go together.” So they did. Now they orbit the sun together and are happy. They go around and around the sun. The End.

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by Sarah M., 2nd grade winner

Space is an ice comet flying through the sky. Space is a star twinkling in the night sky. Space is all the planets orbiting the sun. Space is our galaxy the Milky Way. Space is the bright blazing Sun. Space is a star exploding into many clouds of gas. Space is Arion and his mighty shield. Space is the moons of Jupter, Space is our nine planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Space is Halleys Comet the comet we see every 75 year’s.

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Comets Astroids and Meteors
by Catherine Grace, 3rd grade winner

Comets asteroids and meteors are all great balls of fire. Some people call meteors shooting stars but meteors are not stars at all. Meteors are rocks made up of tiny particles of dust and ice left over from trails of comets. A comet is a ball of ice. They are different from asteroids because asteroids are a lot bigger than comets. Asteroids are minor planets. The Asteroid Belt is located between Mars and Jupiter. Ceres is a dwarf planet located in the Asteroid Belt. Asteroids orbit the Sun in the Asteroid Belt.

Mario and the Great Balls of Fire

by Teddy J., 4th grade runner up

One sunny day in the arcade video game Mario was watering his man-eating plants. When he suddenly saw two flashes of light in the sky. So he went and got his telescope out and saw 2 great balls of fire toward him. He ran toward his mushroom house and hid under his table as the balls of fire flew at him. They hit the house at the same time. But the table was not scorched but the house was in flames. Then he realized that the flames came from a gas lamp he knocked of the table. He put out the flames on his house but his mushroom house was forever fried. The so-called “GREAT BALLS OF FIRE” were actually the arcade lights turning on. The End.

*Approved by Mario and Luigi

Great Balls of Fire
Owen Zee M., 4th grade winner



zooming through the sky.



faster picking up speed.

Great balls of fire heading towards me!


by Julian F., 5th grade runner up

The Illuminati
will destroy
the world soon,
by sending
great balls of fire
flaming through the sky.
They will crash
through the crust
and tear down
to the core
while at the surface,
the Illuminati Doomships
shoot lasers
Out of their eyes,
destroying anything
in their path.

by Ella F., 5th grade winner

Little stars in the sky, as I sit and stare

I wonder if someone thought that they were great balls of fire somewhere

Comets dancing in the cold night air

Leaving you sit and stare

Through the telescope I see

The Pegasus constellation winks back at me

As I stare at the planets

Mercury, Mars, Venus too, Saturn, as well as Neptune

I’m glad I live here in this Wonderful Galaxy


*Approved by Space Aliens


by Lucy W., 6th grade winner

The late afternoon sun
sets behind the trees.
Casting long shadows
across the field.
like a great ball of fire.
And all the animals
know that it is time for a good nights rest.
In the distance,the moon rises.
Moving silently across the starry night sky.
As the sun moves
lower across the horizon,
the sky turns
from an orange and pink,
to a dark navy blue.

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