Let’s go camping indoors!

If you have a tent you can set it up inside, if not, just build a fort. Prep some trail mix and other snacks, pack a card game, grab a flashlight, and enjoy.

You can also go camping in your backyard. This is a great activity to do as a family right now, and it’s good practice for when we can get back to normal outdoor activities.

When you are camping outdoors, keep the outdoors cleaner than you found them by picking up your trash and other trash you see. And if you bring a four-legged friend, this always includes making sure you clean up after your dog as well, especially if you are near a source of water.

Remember to be considerate of others you might come across. For now, this should just include your family members and pets, but also includes any other random animals like squirrels and birds that might be in your yard.

These guidelines can also apply to hiking, another great outdoor activity. Here are a few essentials for hiking or even backyard camping:

  • First Aid Kit: On every camping trip or hike, at least one person should have a first aid kit that includes adhesive bandages, antiseptic, insect bite pain reliever, gauze, and ACE bandages.
  • Filled Water Bottle: No matter where you’re camping or hiking, it’s important to stay hydrated. Anyone can get quickly dehydrated, which leads to a bunch of new problems.
  • Flashlight: You never know when you’re going to need a flashlight. Make sure to bring extra batteries. You can also bring a rechargeable crack flashlight.
  • Trail Food: Trail food (like trail mix or granola bars) contain lots of energy, which you need to keep up while on a hike. Even better, you can make your own to take with you.
  • Sun Protection and Insect Repellant: Sunscreen or a hat is important to have, even when it’s cloudy outside. And don’t forget insect repellant, even in your backyard, and be sure to check for ticks.

Have fun! If you go camping inside or out in your yard, we’d love to see a photo. Tag us on social media: @delmnh on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.