Summer Camp for children who have completed 3rd-5th grade

Get ready to get dirty and become a DMNH Certified Nature Nerd. Over four weeks, spread throughout the summer, we’ll take you on a nature adventure like never before. We’ll play outside, learning first-hand about the woods we love, the animals who live there, nature’s impact on us, and our impact on nature. Whether you spend one week with us, or all four, you’ll see yourself and nature in a completely new way.

Fee: $265 DMNH & Winterthur Members/$300 non-members

Time: 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Extended care available.

Registration is open for DMNH and Winterthur Members and opens for non-members on March 1.

Session 1: A Deep Dive into the Forest Ecosystem

Join us for one or both weeks! They build upon one another but do not depend on each other.

Week 1: July 12-16
Fascinating Forest Fun

The forest is an incredible ecosystem. Throughout the week, we’ll focus on different levels of the forest ecosystem using field science research methods to get a deeper understanding of woods at Winterthur.

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Week 2: July 19-23
Animals! Below Us, Around Us, Above Us

From deep in the dirt below our feet to the very tops of the trees overhead, there are living creatures, each filling an important role in the forest ecosystem. We’ll learn different tools that scientists use to study animals in the wild while having fun outside exploring.

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Session 2: The Dynamic Relationship between Us and Nature

Join us for one or both weeks as we explore how humans have learned from the incredible brilliance of nature and how our actions can impact the future of our environment.

Week 3: August 9-13
Nature’s Inventors

Ever wonder how someone came up with the idea for Velcro? What about antifreeze? Learn about the amazing plants and animals that inspired some of humankind’s greatest and most used inventions!

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Week 4: August 16-20
Wilderness Explorers: An Immersive Nature Experience

This week, we are committing our time to the great outdoors. Campers will learn outdoor safety and survival skills like knot tying, shelter building, and leave no trace. We’ll explore the impact small actions have on the future of our environment all while taking time to play and soak in the awesome outdoors.

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