Summer Camp for children who have completed kindergarten through 2nd grade

Send your child on a summer-long adventure exploring all of the amazing wonders to be found in nature. Designed so campers can join us for the entire summer or choose weeks here and there, we’ve created a summer full of play and learning focused on the beautiful and exciting natural world.

Fee: $230 DMNH & Winterthur Members/$265 non-members

Time: 9 a.m. -4 p.m. Extended care available.

Weeks 1 & 2:

(Both camps run both weeks. Week of July 6 is Tuesday-Friday.)

To the Moon and Beyond!
June 28-July 2 (SOLD OUT) OR July 6-9 (SOLD OUT)

Come blast off into outer space to learn about planets, stars, moons, and much more. This camp is out of this world!

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Creatures of the Night
June 28-July 2 (SOLD OUT) OR July 6-9 (SOLD OUT)

Nocturnal animals are incredible! Discover how these strange and wondrous creatures live without light.

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Week 3:

The Great Outdoors
July 12-16 (SOLD OUT)

It’s time to get outside! Discover a new animal and habitat every day as we explore the great outdoors. We’ll experience the woods, streams, and gardens of Winterthur through a scientific lens.

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Week 4:

Animal Oddities
July 19-23 (SOLD OUT)

There are a lot of animals in this world of ours and some of them are pretty bizarre. Discover some of the slimiest, furriest, and strangest creatures in the world!

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Weeks 5 & 6:

(Both camps run both weeks)

Superheroes and Story Books
July 26-30 (SOLD OUT) OR August 2-6 (SOLD OUT)

You may not realize it, but some of our favorite super hero and fairy tale stories are inspired by animals and nature. We’ll learn which animals are as fast as the flash and create our own superheroes and fantasy stories inspired by the animals we explore.

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Game On! The science behind our favorite games
July 26-30 (SOLD OUT) OR August 2-6 (SOLD OUT)

Discover how game creators are inspired by the natural world to create some of our favorite games like Pokémon and Minecraft! We’ll dig into the science of geology, biology, and so much more! Game on, campers!

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Weeks 7 & 8:

Nature School
August 9-13 (SOLD OUT) AND/OR 16-20 (SOLD OUT)

As our campers prepare for the school year ahead, we’ll be taking to the woods for our classes. This play-based week of outdoor learning will help your kid practice the skills and routines they’ll need for school this year. Inspired by the science behind Forest Schools, our days will be spent almost completely outside, rain or shine, using the world around us and the power of play to learn important skills and content. Join us for one week or for two. Each day and week are unique!

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