Activities: Paper Plate Turtle Craft

Morgan demonstrates how to make a paper plate turtle craft that can actually move in and out of its shell. Kids will learn about some parts of the turtle, including the scutes, glastron, and carapace. Supplies include tape and/or staples (you can use glue too), crayons, markers or colored pencils, two small paper plates, [...]

2020-06-10T14:50:52-04:00May 11th, 2020|Activities|

Activities: Venus Fly Trap craft

Morgan demonstrates how to make a Venus fly trap craft. If you want to make one too, all you need is two cupcake papers, a toilet paper tube or paper towel tube, some scrap pieces of construction paper, glue, and a popscicle stick. Small pompoms are optional.

2020-06-10T13:35:24-04:00May 11th, 2020|Activities|
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