Modern dinosaurs: A look at some of the heaviest, biggest, and most remarkable giants of the bird world

Modern dinosaurs: A look at some of the heaviest, biggest, and most remarkable giants of the bird world Birds are widely believed to be the closest living relatives of dinosaurs. Feathers, hips, and wishbones are among the similarities scientists use to link theropods to birds over millions of years. The extinct elephant bird was [...]

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In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, natural history-related items including taxidermy birds and animals were popular displays, protected under glass in curiosity cabinets or under domes. The Museum has several in its collections. The arrangement pictured here was donated in 2000 by Martha Sanders (1912-2002) from her father Earle M. Lynam’s (1877-1958) [...]

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Natural History Specimen data are coming to a classroom near you Theresa Tran, Biology student at Widener University, geolocating a mollusk specimen to determine where it was collected. Have you ever wondered who uses the Museum’s specimens and their information? The Museum and Widener University have just received funding from the [...]

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First Brokaw fellow starts at DMNH to work on second Breeding Bird Atlas project

by Lindsay Townsend The Delaware Museum of Natural History welcomed its first Howard and Dede Brokaw Ornithology Fellow, Alex Johnson, to the museum this summer. Johnson spent the summer helping the museum’s Curator of Birds and Director of Collections, Dr. Jean Woods, write up the results of Delaware’s Second Breeding Bird Atlas [...]

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INSIDER LOOK: The Actual Museum Experience as Told by Students

by Theresa Tran and Imrin Goraya, Widener University Studying science is not the same as applying science, and as biology majors at Widener University, we don’t often get the opportunity to apply our knowledge to the outside world. However, this semester, we have the opportunity of collaborating with Dr. Jean Woods and Dr. Elizabeth Shea, [...]

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Howard and Dede Brokaw Ornithology Fellowship

The application period has closed for the Brokaw Fellowship, a paid fellowship program for college students and recent graduates in the Bird Department of its Collections and Research Division. The fellowship is supported by the Brokaw Family Foundation and is named after Howard and Dede Brokaw. Howard was a Founding Patron and former [...]

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Feast on the Beach

Feast on the Beach: The Delaware Bay Horseshoe Crab Shorebird Connection Feast on the Beach: The Delaware Bay Horseshoe Crab Shorebird Connection, produced by the Delaware Shorebird Project, is a film produced to raise awareness and understanding about the ecological connection between horseshoe crabs and shorebirds migrating through the Delaware Bay area, as [...]

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Delaware Shorebird Project 2016 Field Report

Delaware Shorebird Project 2016 Field Season Report Every spring, hundreds of thousands of shorebirds travel through the Delaware Bay as they migrate from areas as far as southern South America to the Arctic, where they breed in the summer. The Delaware Bay is a crucial rest stop, where the birds eat horseshoe crab eggs for [...]

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