Florida’s Living Jewels

Liguus fasciatus, or “living jewels,” are colorful tree snails living in southern Florida, Cuba, and Hispaniola. There are more than 50 different named color varieties. In the Florida Everglades, they are found in hardwood hammocks, which are dry habitats with hardwood trees at a higher elevation than most of the Everglades. DMNH has thousands [...]

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Winterthur Welcomes the Delaware Museum of Natural History

Winterthur Welcomes the Delaware Museum of Natural History Winterthur hosts DMNH programs while the Museum renovates. Visitors to Winterthur will likely run into some special guests this year: members and other visitors from the Delaware Museum of Natural History. Winterthur will host many of DMNH’s perennially popular events and programs while the museum is [...]

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From the Archives: Collectors help the Museum crack the case of a missing specimen

Shell shock: Collectors help the Museum crack the case of a missing specimen Forty-seven years ago, celebrated shell collector Jack Lightbourn hauled a new species up with his large catch of mollusks off the coast of Bermuda. The prime sample of the species, later named C. lightbourni, was sent to [...]

Wonders of Winter

In December, Wonders of Winter presented by Bank of America included online winter activities, storytimes, and more. Explore the videos below! Thanks to Bank of America for sponsoring Wonders of Winter.

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2019 Annual Report

2019 was a year filled with investigating and interpreting nature and science, informing our visitors about the natural world, and inspiring people of all ages to make their own connections with the world around them. Through the efforts of our staff and volunteers along with enthusiastic partner organizations, sponsors, and individuals, we reached more [...]

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Distance & Dinosaurs presented by M&T Bank

Wine & Dinosaurs has been our major fundraising event for more than a decade. Unfortunately, the coronavirus forced us to cancel this year's event. Instead, this year we're turning the spotlight back on some of the many supporters that have made Wine and Dinosaurs a great event, with Distance & Dinosaurs, presented by M&T Bank. This [...]

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Spreading our Wings for Nature and Science Education

Spreading Our Wings for Nature and Science Education at the Museum, in our community, and online In 2019, DMNH delivered education programs to 19,319 individuals, including 9,341 underserved students who received programming free or at a discount. When the pandemic hit, we reorganized PreK-16 activities. Story times, live animal presentations, nature crafts, [...]

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Severe storm hits the area; resulting damage closes DMNH’s woods

On Friday, August 7, a severe storm caused significant damage to the woods behind the Museum. A few days later, Mollusk Collections Manager Alex Kittle found the trail cam he had placed in the woods, with footage (below) from the storm and the aftermath, as well as a more peaceful scene from two days [...]

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