Be the Dinosaur: Life in the Cretaceous opens October 26

Imagine living as a triceratops, lumbering through a lush deciduous forest on all fours. Fellow triceratops walk nearby as your herd grazes on vegetation low to the ground. Suddenly, a predator lurks nearby in the trees. It’s a T. rex, and it’s headed this way. Stampede! Experience life from [...]

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Highlights: Carved Wood and Hammered Steel

Artists Jeff Bell and John Rush with exhibit curator Stan Smokler and DMNH Executive Director Halsey Spruance at the November 6 Art Loop. Special Exhibit Highlight Carved Wood and Hammered Steel ended Sunday, November 22, 2015. Artists and long-time friends John Rush and Jeff Bell were inspired by nature to create extraordinary sculptures in [...]

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Special Exhibits

Special Exhibits The Delaware Museum of Natural History enhances the visitor experience by hosting several traveling exhibits each year. This added benefit in the spacious Ederic Exhibit Hall broadens the scope of natural history content beyond what is covered in the Museum's permanent displays. Tropical Odyssey is currently closed. A date for reopening [...]

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