Programs for School Groups and Child Care Centers

The Delaware Museum of Natural History offers fun, interactive educational programs at the Museum and at your location.


Discovery Tour and Mobile Museum availability

This calendar shows available (and unavailable) dates for Discovery Tours and Mobile Museum outreach programs for schools, however, dates shown as available are not guaranteed until confirmation by DMNH that a signed contract is received and processed.

October 2019

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Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled program.
  • If you cancel your reservation in less than 48 hours or fail to arrive at your scheduled time, you will be charged a $75 no-show fee.

Learn about the Project Innovation Grant awarded to DMNH by NBC10, Telemundo62 and the NBCUniversal Foundation as part of the second annual Project Innovation grant challenge. The Museum was awarded $10,000 for the Underserved Education Initiative, which provides quality science and nature education to teachers, students and community organizations in economically disadvantaged areas.

Discovery Tours

Take a field trip to the Museum! Students of all ages, grades, and abilities can experience the Museum in new and exciting ways through hands-on programs. All programs support Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. We offer a variety of Discovery Tours for ages PreK-K, 1st-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th-8th. Discovery Tours are available from September 1 – June 15 each year.

Plants and Animals: PreK to First Grade

1.5 hours

What do plants and animals have in common? Why does grass grow in the meadow and not the forest? Use hands-on activities to discover the answers to these questions and more!


How Things Grow:  PreK to First Grade


1.5 hours

Get an up-close look at the similarities and differences in plant and animal growth through hands-on activities and exploring the DMNH exhibits.

NGSS Standards: LS1.A, LS1.B, LS1.C

SENSE-ational Animals: PreK to First Grade

1.5 hours

Animals have the same five sense as humans. Compare and contrast our senses to those of animals from around the world!

Weather & Climate: PreK to First Grade

1.5 hours

Weather is an important part of our lives. Use your scientific skills to predict the weather and ways to prepare for different weather conditions.

Weird, Wild, and Wacky Animals: PreK to Second Grade

1.5 hours

Venom, claws, stripes, and all. Explore strange animal adaptations of survival.


Digging for Dinos

PreK to Second Grade  1.5 hours

Third to Fifth Grades – 2 hours

Become a paleontologist for the day and together we’ll dig into dinosaurs’ pre-historic past. Who know what we’ll discover!


Geology from the Ground Up: Second to Fourth Grades

2 hours

Learn the basics of geology and how rocks and minerals have shaped the land we live on today.


Water Around the World: Third to Fourth Grades

2 hours

Water is all around us, but do we really know its limits and the impact it has on us and other creatures?


Ecosystems: Third to Fifth Grades

2 hours

Join us on a journey of exploration and discover ecosystems from around the world. Use your observation skills to explore these ecosystems in the Museum and the animals that live there.

3-LS1.B, 3-LS3.B, 3-LS4.C

Structures of Life: Third to Fifth Grades

2 hours

Embrace your inner taxonomist: classifying, identifying, and comparing plant and animal adaptations from all around the world. Discover how adaptations affect behavior, lifecycles, and lifespans, too!

3-LS1-1, 3-LS3-2, 3LS4-1

Weather, Climate, and Human Impact: Sixth to Eighth Grades 

2 hours

Examine subject matter to understand how human impact could affect our weather and climate. Students will use measurement tools and data interpretation to conduct experiments to outline important issues and how they affect our world.

MS-ESS3-5, MS-ESS3-3

Adaptation and Classification: Sixth to Eighth Grades: 

2 hours

Work with a team to form a hypothesis of how animal use their adaptations to increase survivability.


What You Didn’t Know About DMNH: All ages

1.5 hours

Learn about what makes DMNH so special and get an up-close look at some of the more incredible specimens you won’t see on display.

Self-Guided Tour: All Ages

Explore everything that DMNH has to offer on your own schedule. Visit the galleries and take part in daily pop-up programming. Museum staff will let you know what pop-up programs are taking place that day when you arrive. School group rate applies for all pre-registered groups.


  • $7 per student/participant
  • Teachers/paid staff are free
  • $9 per chaperone


  • Minimum of 15 paid participants per Discovery Tour or $105.
  • Participants will be split into groups of approximately 20 for the activities in each Discovery Tour.
  • Your group is welcome to explore the Museum’s galleries and outdoor areas before or after your tour. Allow for at least an hour for free exploration.
  • Lunch areas are available inside and outside (weather permitting). Indoor lunch space can hold 50 people at a time. If you have more than this, participants will need to take turns eating lunch.

Mobile Museum

Outreach programs bring the fun and learning of field trips to your location. We offer exciting, hands-on outreach programs for schools, day cares, community organizations, libraries, and more. Through engaging discussion, live animal presentations, relevant specimens, and props, our programs compliment what you are teaching in the classroom.  Mobile Museum Outreach Programs are available from September 1 – June 15 each year. All Mobile Museum Outreach Programs are 40-60 minutes in length.

Looking Out My Backdoor: PreK to First Grade

Ever wonder what’s in your backyard? Unique and fascinating animals can be there. Find out what’s outside your door and learn how important all creatures are.


Most Extreme Animals: PreK to First Grade

Travel around the world to see the amazing ways animals survive in different habitats.

Plants & Their Pollinators: PreK to First Grade

Not all plants grow in the same way. Can you tell the difference between a fruit and a vegetable? Learn what makes each unique and how pollination is an important requirement for the plant’s survival.

Come to Your Senses: PreK to First Grade

Animals use their five senses everyday to survive. Explore some of the best animal senses around with activities and touchable specimens.

My Plate, Your Plate: PreK to First Grade

Hungry for knowledge? Learn what other animals need to eat compared to us.


Watch Me Move: PreK to First Grade

Animals have crazy ways of getting around! Take a look at how they run, climb, and fly through our world.


Seasoned Survivors: PreK to First Grade

What is your favorite season? Learn about the amazing adaptations that animals have to survive in different seasons.

Wonderful Weather: PreK to First Grade

Come rain, wind, or snow, you can find animals that thrive in the weather. Explore how these animals do so well in the elements!

Birds of a Feather: PreK to First Grade

Get in touch with our feathered friends! Learn about how they fly and eat in this interactive program!

Buggin’ Out: PreK to First Grade

Insects don’t get a whole lot of love. Take a closer look and see what makes them so special. Get ready to learn a new dance!

K-ESS2-2, 1-LS3-1

Dinos, Dinos, Dinos: PreK to Fifth Grade

Dinosaurs came in all shapes and sizes. Touch real fossils, use different tools, and learn what makes a dinosaur.

Fossils, Fossils, Fossils: PreK to Fifth Grade

How do we know about the dinosaurs and other ancient animals? Learn how to “read” a fossil and discover all about different prehistoric animals.

Rocks Rock: Second-Fourth Grades

Learn the basics of geology and how rocks and minerals have shaped the land we live on today.

2-ESS1-1, 4-ESS1-1

Amazing Animal Adaptations: Third-Fifth Grades

Venom, claws, and stripes…Oh my! Explore these incredible animal adaptations with our live animals and amazing specimens from around the world.

3-LS3-1, 4-LS1-1

Concepts of Climate Change: Sixth-Eighth Grades

Outline and explore major topics to comprehend how climate change can affect our planet. Investigate ongoing experiments and understand how data is collected to draw conclusions from the research.



  • $7 per student/participant
  • Teachers/paid staff are free

There is a travel fee for locations more than 25 miles from DMNH, one way. 

  • 0-25 miles: included in program fee
  • 26-35 miles: $ 15.00
  • 36-45 miles: $ 30.00
  • 46-55 miles: $ 45.00
  • 56-65 miles: $ 60.00
  • 66-75 miles: $ 75.00
  • 76-85 miles: $ 90.00
  • 86-95 miles: $ 105.00
  • 96-105 miles: $ 120.00


  • Maximum of 40 participants per program.
  • For larger groups, multiple programs can be scheduled in a day.
  • Several of our Mobile Museum Outreach Programs include live animals. Please have a reliable staff member available to help with loading and unloading of the live animals, if needed.

Puppet Shows

We offer fun, interactive puppet shows for preschool and early elementary ages either at the Museum or at your institution. These are great for classrooms, special events, or birthday parties!


$125 per show with a maximum of 30 participants

There is a travel fee for locations more than 25 miles from DMNH, one way. 

  • 0-25 miles: included in program fee
  • 26-35 miles: $ 15.00
  • 36-45 miles: $ 30.00
  • 46-55 miles: $ 45.00
  • 56-65 miles: $ 60.00
  • 66-75 miles: $ 75.00
  • 76-85 miles: $ 90.00
  • 86-95 miles: $ 105.00
  • 96-105 miles: $ 120.00


  • Maximum of 30 participants per show.
  • For larger groups, multiple shows can be scheduled in a day.
  • Ideal for preschool and early elementary ages.

Hibernation, migration…what’s an animal to do to survive the winter? Let’s figure this out together with our puppet friends.

Twain the Frog needs your help to find out what he should eat in his new world.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle! Find out why it’s so important through our interactive show that includes a sing along!

Help Dude, the game show host, decide which contestant is a bird. Will it be Mr. Bat, Mr. Cardinal, or Ms. Monarch? You will help decide!

Splash! Dive into the ocean and meet Olly the Octopus and her friends as they share their amazing underwater adaptations.

Help Tia the baby T-Rex find her mommy and learn about different dinosaurs along the way!