Professional Development for Educators

The Delaware Museum of Natural History is committed to enhancing educators’ knowledge, appreciation, and understanding of our natural world by providing quality professional development workshops onsite and in the community.

All of our workshops are designed to provide relevant content-specific materials taught through hands-on procedures and techniques to help educators transform their students into champions for nature and science.

Professional Development programs for educators PreK–High School. Our programs are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and Teaching Strategies GOLD Objectives. For PreK, our classes in Delaware are quality assured. Programs are designed to provide materials and techniques for discovery-based learning that is immediately applicable for classroom use.

Workshop Descriptions

Pre-K―2nd Grade educators

Seeing Science Everywhere:  Animals & Habitats reviews a wide range of information specific to various animal species. Habitats of the world are also explained through hands on activities, and graphics that make teaching science fun and easy.  Activities include games like:  The Layers of The OceanInsects or Not?; and Eat Like An Insect.

Seeing Science Everywhere:  How Things Grow explores what living things need in order to grow.  Lessons include examples from plant life as well as animal species.  Nutrition, the five senses and the life cycles of plants are all part of the content included in this session.  Activities include making paper from recyclable materialsSeed to Plant sequence cards and Fruit or Vegetable?

Seeing Science Everywhere:  Seasons & Weather focuses on the science of seasons and weather as they affect animals and plants.  Approaches that provide hands on materials for daily use in the classroom are the focus of this session. Sample activities include games like Hibernate, Migrate, or StayBird-Nesting Ball, and the felt-board story, The Water Cycle Story.

Science Up: Birds & Bugs is a two-class series introducing PreK-2nd grade educators to the importance of birds and insects to our environment. Hands-on activities and methods for discovery-based learning provide the techniques for immediate application of the information into classroom experiences. The programs include up-close encounters with natural history specimens, explorative learning using the museum’s galleries, opportunities to review digital and print learning materials and discussions designed to awaken a new appreciation for birds and insects.

Science Up: Earth and Sky is a two-class series designed for PreK-2nd grade educators introducing concepts related to the structure and properties of nonliving things on earth and in the solar system. Concepts include: properties of rocks, the water cycle, planets, constellations and the phases of the moon. The course demonstrates sample hands-on age-appropriate lessons that are immediately applicable to the classroom.  Companion science kits for Earth and Sky are available for loan from the museum.

Healthy Together: Teaching Nutrition and Healthy Living to Preschool Children

Healthy Together is a two-hour workshop that explores how to teach healthy eating habits, exercise and body awareness to children.  Content for this class includes a review of current nutrition information, exploration of children’s literature and samples of activities, songs and games to enhance learning.

3rd―5th Grade educators

Science Up:  Ecosystems is an exploration of world habitats with a special focus on the Delaware River Basin and its importance in the ecosystem of migratory animals.  Designed for elementary and middle school educators, this class provides insights into the work of citizen scientists and the importance of their work. Discovering the ways in which animals adapt to their environments is experienced using the galleries of the museum as a classroom.

Middle School & High School educators

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Seeing Science Everywhere, Healthy Together and Science Up: Birds and Bugs classes have been quality assured through the Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood (DIEEC). We would be happy to provide a certificate of attendance for participants seeking clock hours or credit.

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In-service Opportunities

The Delaware Museum of Natural History offers in-service programs at your site, designed to meet your needs. We can create programs specific to your students and/or curricular needs or interests. We also offer an array of training sessions from Seeing Science Everywhere, a hands-on approach that promotes inquiry based learning techniques, and lessons that can be integrated into your daily routines.

Teacher In-services can be scheduled throughout the year by calling the Museum’s Education Department at 302-658-9111 or through the  Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood.

Scheduling a Program?

Teachers who have scheduled a program at the Museum or are planning one can visit the Museum free of charge before their trip. Please call the Education Division to inform us of your visit.

Contact School Programs Coordinator, Lois Lamond at or 302-658-9111, ext. 328 for more information.