Adult and Teen Virtual Presentations

Developed for Ninth-Twelfth Grade, Adult, and Senior Citizen Audiences.

These virtual programs last 25-30 minutes each and are offered as live presentations. Each virtual program includes the main presentation (15-20 minutes) and an add-on option (10 minutes). Video presentations available for select programs soon.

Cost: $75

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Contact Brendan Pronteau, School and Community Programs Coordinator at or 302-658-9111, ext. 322 for additional options.

Virtual Programs must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. We will do our best to accommodate any requests within that time period based on availability.

Hall of Birds:

Explore the DMNH Hall of Birds and examine how birds from different habitats and countries survive and live in very similar and yet wildly different ways.

Animal Adaptations:

In this video learn about some common animal adaptations and how they help animals survive in the wild.

Hall of Mammals:

As you explore the DMNH Hall of Mammals, look at how mammals live in different habitats, the ways their bodies have adapted to survive in sometimes harsh conditions, and the delicate ecosystems existing around the world.

Human Impact on the Environment:

Through an exploration of the different habitats displayed in our galleries, examine how humans impact these sensitive environments and the world climate.

Virtual Program Add-Ons: Adult Programs

Each virtual program comes with an additional 10-minute live presentation related to your program. Please choose one option from the list below.

Animal Presentation:

Meet one of the Museum’s live animal ambassadors.

Q & A:

Enjoy a question and answer session with a Museum Educator.

Biofact Analysis:

Dig deeper into some of the topics from your video with a live look at some biofacts in the Delaware Museum of Natural History exhibits and collections.

Exhibit Spotlight:

Was there an exhibit that caught your eye in the video? Take a deeper dive into your favorite spot in the Museum with our public programming team.


We show you how to setup a science experiment related to your virtual program with common household materials.

For more information or to register your group for a program, contact or call 302-658-9111, ext. 331.