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All private and public school teachers with a valid school ID (and their immediate family members) are invited to preview our newest traveling exhibit, Design Zone.

Learn about our exhibit and meet with education staff about how you can use this fantastic exhibit as a teaching tool in the classroom. Pre-registration suggested; walk-ins welcome if space is available.

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Design Zone for educators:

In Design Zone, students can go behind the scenes and see how video game developers, music producers, roller coaster designers, and other creative problem solvers use math to do the amazing things they do.
Design Zone explores mathematical concepts like patterns, variables, scale, slope, and ratios used by artists, architects, engineers, musicians, and other innovators.
Design Zone is:

  • A nontraditional, experiential approach to math, focusing on math concepts as a tool to create and invent everything from hip-hop to skate parks.
  • A means to promote innovation and build math literacy—essential for careers in the twenty-first century—by directly connecting mathematical concepts to real-life experiences.

Design Zone is organized into three highly interactive thematic areas, highlighting the relationship between mathematical thinking and the creative process in art, music, and engineering. Each thematic area draws students into compelling scenes of music production, video game development, and extreme sports that directly and relate mathematical concepts to environments and activities attractive to youth. Students can design their own experience and, in some cases, e-mail their creations to family and friends. They’ll solve real-world challenges and discover that math isn’t just a subject in school but a fundamental, creative tool that can be used to design and invent! Design Zone exhibits are about functions, patterns, and predicting; when one quantity changes, another changes in a predictable way. The exhibit and complementary materials were developed with the following goals for student experience:

  • Students will have enjoyable and social experiences with algebra/math.
  • Groups of students will feel comfortable engaging in algebra/math activities together.
  •  Students will use algebraic thinking skills and engage in mathematical exploration.
  • The exhibition’s primary educational goal is for students to use algebraic thinking, a form of mathematical exploration, as they engage in creative problem solving. Like scientific inquiry, mathematical exploration is a powerful tool for understanding the world around us. Design Zone offers students an engaging and stimulating experience where they solve challenges, use creative thinking and problem-solving strategies, and consider problems from different perspectives. Students will use algebraic thinking in the exhibit by:
  • Finding and exploring mathematical patterns and relationships between quantities.
  • Representing mathematical relationships in a variety of ways, including images, words, models, graphs, and symbols.
  • Using mathematical relationships to describe, analyze, predict, and create.