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Join us for a night of socially distanced family fun presented by Winterthur and the Delaware Museum of Natural History. Put your heads together as you participate in trivia, quizzes, and creative activities. Registration required. $25 per family; $20 per Member family of Winterthur and DMNH.
This event is held at Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library. 
History Happenings, April 30
History will come to life for you and your favorite history buffs as you spend you evening learning at Winterthur! Put your heads together to complete quizzes, participate in interactive games based on historical events, and try your hands at some everyday activities from long ago.
Upcoming Family Fun Fridays include:
Outdoor Explorers, May 28
Bring your family to Winterthur to spend an exciting evening together in the great outdoors! Nature enthusiast of all ages will learn and grow as your family works together to explore the gardens, complete scavenger hunts and other challenges, and learn all about the diverse environment that is unique to the Winterthur estate.
Super Scientists, June 25
Discover a few of the ways we use science to learn more about the world around us. Become a citizen scientist as you complete outdoor challenges and scavenger hunts, and flex your scientific thinking as you create hypotheses and conduct experiments. Learn a little, too, about how the study of science and art intersect in the field of art conservation.
Wondrous Water, July 23
Learn more about the extraordinary qualities of water! Get creative with water-inspired art projects hands-on activities. Explore the water features on the Winterthur estate and discover a few essential creatures that inhabit those ecosystems.
Awesome Astronomy, August 27
Join us for an out-of-this-world evening of stargazing, meteor shower watching, and fun space-themed activities! Create your own travel poster for a far off planet and learn about some famous astronomers as well.

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