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DMNH is partnering with the University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean and Environment for this winter lecture series featuring new research conducted by scientists in our community. In February, James J. Corbett, P.E., Ph.D., Professor, School of Marine Science and Policy, shares his technology-policy research related to transportation.

More than Navigation: How shipping is transforming to deliver economic growth and improved sustainability

James J. Corbett, P.E., Ph.D.
Professor, School of Marine Science and Policy

Shipping is engaged in the most dramatic long-term transition since the introduction of the marine diesel engine. Logistics supply chains are adapting in ways similar to the emergence of containerized cargo transport. Similar to other major periods of innovation in shipping, this transformation in shipping requires new discoveries, bold ideas, and diverse collaboration. And, similar to the emerging age of steam ships, age of oil powered ships, age of containerization, industry leaders are variously pursuing and resisting these changes. The most notable characteristic of this transition in shipping is its motivation: a new commitment to energy conservation is coupled with broad ambitions for environmental stewardship.

Jim Corbett, College of Earth, Ocean & Environment

James J. Corbett, P.E., Ph.D. conducts technology-policy research related to transportation. Dr. Corbett’s work on freight sustainability integrates sustainability research in large freight systems and international research collaboration to improve the effective use of highway, waterway, railroad, and air transportation infrastructure. Dr. Corbett works with colleagues and partners internationally to identify achievable targets for sustainable goods movement.

Free admission, pre-registration preferred. 

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