Fall Scavenger Hunt

While the Museum has been closed for renovations and our exciting metamorphosis to the Delaware Museum of Nature and Science, our local partner organizations have welcomed our members as if they were their own.

We hope you have been able to take advantage of this unique opportunity to visit these fabulous local sites, maybe even for the first time. Please join our scavenger hunt for three of these partners, right in our neighborhood: Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library, Hagley Museum and Library, and Mt. Cuba Center.

Visit them throughout October and November, look for the clues and then let us know how you do. We are offering free passes before our grand opening next May for those who complete the hunt!

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Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library

Frog Hollow, Enchanted Woods: A whimsical feature in a magical garden

Designed to look as though it were created by fairies, Enchanted Woods at Winterthur has several areas to explore, including Frog Hollow. Look for a picturesque stone bridge over a small pond. There you will see a water feature that was originally used as a feed trough for the cows that at one time roamed the rolling hills of Winterthur when it was a dairy farm. The water feature now acts as a biofilter. A biofilter uses plants and lava rocks to clean water without using chemicals that could harm you or the frogs, fish, bugs, and other creatures who live in Frog Hollow.

Question: Frog Hollow features a working ____ that spills water into the biofilter.

Hint: _ _ m _

Delaware Museum of Art

Discover History through Art: Learn about Absalom Jones (1784-1818)  

Born into slavery in Delaware’s Sussex County, Absalom Jones (1784-1818) was recognized early in his life for his keen intelligence and eagerness to learn. He was able to purchase his freedom and, with his friend, Richard Allen, who had also been enslaved in Delaware, founded the Free African Society, the first mutual aid society organized by Black people in the country. Absalom Jones also went on to found the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas in Philadelphia. Active in the abolitionist movement, with others Absalom Jones petitioned the President, John Adams, and Congress to abolish the transatlantic slave trade, and slavery, in 1799.

Clue! There is a portrait of the great Absalom Jones in the American Art Through 1960 on View collection, painted in 1810 by a member of a famous Philadelphia family of painters. Who was this painter?

Hint: _ _ _ _ _ _ ll _   _ea_

Mt. Cuba Center

Bluey’s Woods

Hidden among the hemlock trees on the Upper Lawn at Mt. Cuba Center is a very special place called Bluey’s Woods. The founder of our gardens, Mrs. Copeland, loved dogs! This part of Mt. Cuba is named after one of her favorite furry friends, Bluey. Venture into the Woods and follow the paths of tree cookies. Open the little library and choose a nature book to read while sitting on a stump. Dig through the mulch pit to see what kinds of critters you can find. Then, explore the rest of the gardens to find four green mailboxes with activities inside!

Clue! Dig into the mulch pit and see what living critters you can find.

Hint: _ _gs