Feast on the Beach: The Delaware Bay Horseshoe Crab Shorebird Connection

Feast on the Beach: The Delaware Bay Horseshoe Crab Shorebird Connection, produced by the Delaware Shorebird Project, is a film produced to raise awareness and understanding about the ecological connection between horseshoe crabs and shorebirds migrating through the Delaware Bay area, as well as the researchers who study them. Every spring, hundreds of thousands of migrating shorebirds – including the threatened red knot – pass through Delaware’s central Bayshore region and neighboring New Jersey from areas as far away as southern South America on the way to their summer breeding grounds in the Arctic. The Delaware Bay is a crucial refueling stop, where the birds eat horseshoe crab eggs to build their fat reserves before continuing their journey.

Funding for the film was provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Delaware Bay Estuary Project, the Delmarva Ornithological Society, and the Fair Play Foundation. Berkana, Center for Media and Education, Inc. partnered with the Delaware Shorebird Project in obtaining funding for the project.

Shorebird & Horseshoe Crab Resources

DE-Shorebird-ProjectAbout the Delaware Shorebird Project:
The Delaware Shorebird Project is a dedicated team of scientists, volunteers and birders working to understand the threats to our shorebirds. Since 1997, they have researched the populations and health of migratory shorebirds that visit Delaware Bay each spring. The goals of the project include identifying and protecting resources crucial to the successful migration of these shorebirds.  Their research is vital to an international network that supports and directs shorebird habitat protection and management plans. The project is managed by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s Division of Fish & Wildlife, Species Conservation and Research Program.