1. Campers make exciting, unforgettable discoveries through camp

Whether they are creating their own exhibits in  Art Escapades camp or hunting for treasure in A Pirate’s Life camp, our camps provide kids with experiences sure to last.

2. There are camps to fill all science interests

From strange animals to young engineers, there are camps to satisfy a variety of scientific interests.

3. Kids keep learning over the long summer break

Our summer camps provide kids with an engaging, fun way to continue learning and exploring during their break from school. In fact, we try to tie in the museum’s themes and exhibits with each camp.  Petals, and Nettles, and Thorns, Oh My! camp encourages campers to explore this unbelievable world with hands-on activities and visits to our newest traveling exhibit, Wicked PlantsProtectors of the Planet campers will learn how plants can help us become protectors of our planet.

4. Kids spend time outside

All of our camps have indoor and outdoor activities, including our The Great Outdoors Camp for kids who just completed kindergarten. Wilderness Explorers and Camp Olympus for kids who completed grades third through sixth even have a Thursday overnight option. On Fridays, all of our camps have a campfire or water fun outside. 

5. Camp experience for various ages

Delaware Museum of Natural History offers camps for toddlers up to age 3 to kids who have just completed grades third through sixth.

Learn more about our camps and register here.