Megan shares more about the New Year, with a meteor or comet craft you can do at home to celebrate the New Year, using some recycled materials.

It takes just about 365 days for the Earth to travel on its orbit around the Sun. Every new year, our planet is in the same spot in its orbit that it was 365 days ago. And, next year as our planet moves around the sun it’s going to be at the same spot again. Other things happen throughout the year based on our Earth’s place in its orbit, like meteor showers that happen every year as the Earth passes through these paths of space dust and rocks. We see those in our night sky as meteors.

To make the craft, Megan used some aluminum foil broken down into smaller sheets (about six inches by six inches), some strips of paper from magazines she was about to recycle, a ribbon from a package, and some packing material.