Partner Exhibits

The Delaware Museum of Natural History partners with many nature, science, art and educational organizations in Delaware and the region, including special partner exhibits designed to connect with and supplement the current traveling exhibit or other programming.


Fairhope Graphics: A Family Passion Fourteen years ago, the Berlinger family spent three weeks on the Norfolk, England coast, unknowingly setting a new passion and a business into motion. They discovered 600,000-year-old mammoth bones had been uncovered in the nearby cliffs and the tiny cylindrical stones rolling at their feet during low tides were belemnites, 100 million-year-old relatives to today’s squids. Fascinated, they wanted to learn more. Further travel yielded more questions about [...]


Teeth Through the Ages

Teeth Through the Ages Earth’s environment was very different millions of years ago and the animals roaming the land and sea looked different from those we see today. But like today, these ancient predators and prey co-existed, balancing the food web between meat-eaters (called carnivores), plant-eaters (called herbivores) and a combination of the two (called omnivores). Explore the cases and discover if the teeth displayed once belonged to a meat-eater or a plant-eater. [...]


Cretaceous Fossils of Delaware

Cretaceous Fossils of Delaware In the late Cretaceous Period, near the end of the age of dinosaurs, Earth’s water level was significantly higher with a large portion of Delaware submerged in the ocean. Scientists determined this underwater area ran roughly south from the Chesapeake and Delaware (C&D) Canal. Over time, sea levels rose and fell in this area, leaving behind sands and clays containing fossilized remains of many creatures living in or near [...]


Delaware Cretaceous Marine Deposits: The Sophie Homsey Collection

Delaware Cretaceous Marine Deposits The Sophie Homsey Collection Most fossil hunters devote their collecting efforts to large and spectacular specimens. Sophie Homsey, however, a long-time local resident and member of the Delaware Mineralogical Society, saw the immense research potential in often-overlooked small finds. Sophie’s passion lay in the barnacles found among the Biggs Farm spoil piles of the Chesapeake and Delaware (C&D) Canal.  Sophie privately amassed such a large and diverse collection of [...]