Partner Exhibits

The Delaware Museum of Natural History partners with many nature, science, art and educational organizations in Delaware and the region, including special partner exhibits designed to connect with and supplement the current traveling exhibit or other programming.


Art of the Butterfly: Newark High School student exhibit

Art of the Butterfly by art students from Newark High School Art students from Newark High School took inspiration from the butterflies of Tropical Odyssey to showcase their artistic talents in a variety of media. Symbolically, butterflies represent change and personal transformation. Digital Photography students were challenged to be reflective of a time in their lives when significant change occurred. They captured [...]


Fluttering About the Mid-Atlantic

Delaware Photographic Society: Fluttering About the Mid-Atlantic As butterflies, skippers and moths flit about the Mid-Atlantic Region during the warmer months, Delaware Photographic Society (DPS) members are ready to capture spectacular images of a chance landing atop a flower. Their exhibit is hanging in the Museum's Community Room. While we're closed, take a look at some of their images here. Zebra Swallowtail by Jon Massey “I have taken butterfly [...]


Monarch Magic

Local resident and journalist Suzanne Herel created the waystation in her yard to support Monarch migration, documenting the experience through photography. She released dozens of Monarchs after watching them grow from caterpillars through the pupa stage to butterflies. In 2019, Herel expanded her research into other butterflies, planting a variety of host plants, and witnessing the life stages of other butterfly species. Monarchs lay their eggs only [...]


Delaware Cretaceous Marine Deposits: The Sophie Homsey Collection

Delaware Cretaceous Marine Deposits The Sophie Homsey Collection Most fossil hunters devote their collecting efforts to large and spectacular specimens. Sophie Homsey, however, a long-time local resident and member of the Delaware Mineralogical Society, saw the immense research potential in often-overlooked small finds. Sophie’s passion lay in the barnacles found among the Biggs Farm spoil piles of the Chesapeake and Delaware (C&D) Canal.  Sophie privately amassed such a large and diverse collection of [...]