Jellyfish are fascinating!

Did you know…

  • They live in oceans all around the world and have been around for millions of years, even before the dinosaurs
  • Some look clear but others appear yellow, purple, blue, or pink. Some are even bioluminescent meaning they can produce their own light
  • They have no brains. Instead of brains they have nerve nets that sense any changes in their environment. They also do not have any bones
  • They have to digest their food very fast or they wouldn’t be able to float
  • Not all jellyfish have tentacles
  • A large group of jellyfish is called a bloom, swarm, or smack, these blooms can be over 100,000 jellyfish
  • Some are larger than a human while others can be as small as a pinhead
  • They are 95% water

Jellyfish Craft

Now you can make a jellyfish with materials you have at home. Below are a few examples of the many different types of jellyfish. You can make one of them, look up others and make your favorite, or even use your imagination and come up with your own jellyfish and give it a name.


• Paper bowls or plates
• Yarn (white yarn if you have glow in the dark paint for bioluminescence but this is not necessary), multi-color yarn
• Paint, markers, or crayons, any coloring utensils
• Painting supplies if you are using paint
• Scissors
• Zipper sandwich bag (to coat white yarn if you are using paint)
• Skewer or sharp pencilPlease feel free to use your imagination and use whatever materials you want to or have around the house.

What we used:

• Colored pencils
• Scissors
• Glue
• Pompom balls and pipe cleaners
• Popsicle sticks

We based ours on the Mangrove Upside Down Jellyfish, so your steps might be a little different.
1. Decorated the small plate to make the umbrella of my jellyfish.
2. Cut popsicle sticks in half. Glued small pompom balls to the halved popsicle stick.
3. Glued them to the middle of the underside of my jellyfish. These were the tentacles.
4. Added extra pompoms where needed.
5. Cut inch long pieces of pipe cleaner and glued them so they were sticking up from the tentacles.


1. Pick your jellyfish and gather your materials
2. Design the top (umbrella/bell) of your jellyfish
3. If needed, make your tentacles
4. Attaching yarn tentacles
a. Use the skewer or sharp pencil to make two holes, a half inch apart, in the middle of the plate/bowl of your jelly fish
b. Cut a piece of yarn approximately 40 inches long. Thread it through the two holes so that both ends come out the bottom of the bowl.
c. From the inside of the bowl, pull the yarn up to form a small loop. Thread the tentacles through and roughly center them under the loop.
d. Flip the bowl, pull the yarn taut and tie a double knot. Back on the inside, grasp the tentacles as one bunch and tie a single knot.
5. Now you have your own jellyfish
6. Please share your creation with us! If you made up your own we would love to know the name and any other facts about it

Please note that the steps might vary depending on the type of jellyfish you wish to make, the materials you have to use, and the way you choose to make your jellyfish.