Museum Metamorphosis: Exhibit Deinstallation and Demolition

After the taxidermy was removed, demolition started.

In January, Museum staff along with additional conservators removed taxidermy from exhibits to temporary storage. These photos were taken during the process.

The lion sleeps tonight

The lion and her eternal prey are now resting away from the eyes of visitors. Taxidermy in the African Watering Hole was among the last moved. A ladder and PVC pipe were used to roll the lion and waterbuck across the diorama. The wildebeest also required many hands. 

Can we talk about the elephant in the room?

The huge elephant head weighs about 400 lbs., and needed special rigging to be removed from the wall. Last moved during the Museum’s last renovation in 2004-2005, the elephant head has been with DMNH since the 1970s and will return in 2022. 

Removing the coastal birds

Curator of Birds Jean Woods, Ph.D. removes the birds from one of the dioramas in the Hall of Birds in this timelapse video.