New Science Up: Birds and Bugs professional development program for early childhood educators

All DMNH professional development classes are FREE through early May

Science Up: Birds & Bugs, the newest professional development workshop for educators from the Delaware Museum of Natural History, has received Quality Assured status through the Professional Development Department at the Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood (DIEEC). Registration is open for the first two-part class, offered March 23 and 30 at DMNH, for FREE thanks to a grant supporting early childhood education programs.

Science Up:  Birds & Bugs is the fifth teacher professional development workshop that the Museum has developed for early childhood educators.  The first three programs, a series titled Seeing Science Everywhere, were designed with grant funding from PNC.  Lois Lamond, DMNH’s Education Specialist and a retired public school teacher, heads up the teacher professional development opportunities at the Museum. “It’s difficult to have a program quality assured” Lamond said, “but having led professional development programs at DMNH for several years, I know how important it is to go through the process so that our early childhood educators are knowledgeable and comfortable with teaching science-based programs in the classroom.”

Science Up: Birds & Bugs is a series of two classes that introduces early childhood educators to important facts about birds and insects in our environment.  Hands-on activities and methods for discovery based learning will provide techniques for immediate application of the information into classroom experiences.  The programs include up-close encounters with natural history specimens, a tour of the galleries, hands-on activities for use in the classroom, and science discussion designed to encourage a new appreciation for birds and insects. Adds Lamond, “I want program participants to walk away with a sense of wonder and excitement about birds and bugs.  My hope is that they will take that wonder and excitement back to the classroom with them to their children” Lamond.

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