Project Description

Fairhope Graphics: A Family Passion

Fourteen years ago, the Berlinger family spent three weeks on the Norfolk, England coast, unknowingly setting a new passion and a business into motion. They discovered 600,000-year-old mammoth bones had been uncovered in the nearby cliffs and the tiny cylindrical stones rolling at their feet during low tides were belemnites, 100 million-year-old relatives to today’s squids. Fascinated, they wanted to learn more. Further travel yielded more questions about how evolutionary pieces fit together. They wanted a tree of life poster to see the whole picture, but the only ones they found were either too scientific or too simple. Therefore, they set out to create their own.  With two years of research, Mark’s collection of antique prints, and Jennifer’s artistic background, they created their first tree of life artwork, showing the beauty in the connection of life on Earth.  To continue to share their excitement for the fascinating story of life surrounding us, the Berlingers founded Fairhope Graphics in suburban Philadelphia, a small company creating products combining education and graphics.