Project Description

Art of the Butterfly
by art students from Newark High School

Art students from Newark High School took inspiration from the butterflies of Tropical Odyssey to showcase their artistic talents in a variety of media.

Symbolically, butterflies represent change and personal transformation. Digital Photography students were challenged to be reflective of a time in their lives when significant change occurred. They captured the essence of these moments in photographic form. The messages in these images, some hidden and some raw and unfiltered, have changed the lives of these young people forever.

Other classes created drawings or sculpture. The drawing class designed visions of butterflies using colored pencil and marker on book or music score pages. The 3-D class incorporated butterflies into book sculptures, alcohol inks on plastic, and sculptures of recycled items influenced by the 19th century Steampunk Movement, which creatively unites turn-of-the-century steam-powered technology with futuristic elements of science fiction and fantasy.

Art of the Butterfly was intended as a physical exhibit within the Museum. For now, it’s online.