Project Description

Delaware Cretaceous Marine Deposits

The Sophie Homsey Collection

Most fossil hunters devote their collecting efforts to large and spectacular specimens. Sophie Homsey, however, a long-time local resident and member of the Delaware Mineralogical Society, saw the immense research potential in often-overlooked small finds. Sophie’s passion lay in the barnacles found among the Biggs Farm spoil piles of the Chesapeake and Delaware (C&D) Canal.  Sophie privately amassed such a large and diverse collection of Biggs Site barnacles during her lifetime that only one other locale, located in Mississippi, surpasses it.  Sophie’s efforts in  collecting and documenting were so impactful that a Cretaceous barnacle, Cretiscalpellum homseyi, has been named in her honor. In 2018, Ms. Homsey gifted the Biggs Farm site collection to the Museum,  where scientists anticipate researching her efforts for years to come.