Project Description

Delaware Photographic Society: Fluttering About the Mid-Atlantic

As butterflies, skippers and moths flit about the Mid-Atlantic Region during the warmer months, Delaware Photographic Society (DPS) members are ready to capture spectacular images of a chance landing atop a flower. Their exhibit is hanging in the Museum’s Community Room. While we’re closed, take a look at some of their images here.

Zebra Swallowtail by Jon Massey

“I have taken butterfly images in gardens and wildlife refuges all over the area. My most productive location is the Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The refuge has a butterfly garden and trail where hundreds of butterflies can be found on any given day in June or July.” ~Jon Massey

Symmetry in Patterns by Cindy Wilson-Risko

“Symmetry in Patterns was taken in my backyard this past summer. My neighbor’s butterfly bush always attracts these beautiful insects, providing the perfect opportunity to capture the striking colors and patterns of nature’s beauty in motion.” ~Cindy Wilson-Risko

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