Project Description

Teeth Through the Ages

Earth’s environment was very different millions of years ago and the animals roaming the land and sea looked different from those we see today. But like today, these ancient predators and prey co-existed, balancing the food web between meat-eaters (called carnivores), plant-eaters (called herbivores) and a combination of the two (called omnivores). Explore the cases and discover if the teeth displayed once belonged to a meat-eater or a plant-eater. Do you see any similarities to animals found today?

The meat-eater’s teeth were designed for quick and effective eating. Long, sharp and serrated teeth could easily tear food for swallowing large pieces quickly and efficiently. Alternatively, herbivore teeth were flat and dull, ideal for chewing plants.
Omnivorous animals had teeth like both meat-eating carnivores and plant-eating herbivores, with a combination of teeth ideal for tearing meat as well as grinding plants.