School Enrichment Program

Monday-Friday, beginning September 8. 
8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Before and after care available from  7:30-8:30 a.m. and 3:30-5 p.m.

For third grade and up. Maximum 14 students.

The Virtual Learning Enrichment Program program provides students a place to complete their virtual coursework and other independent learning requirements. Our staff is present, helping learners stay engaged in their virtual courses. After requirements for school are fulfilled, DMNH staff will have engaging programming to inspire curiosity and questioning in a fun, hands on environment.

Questions? Contact us at

Price per week:

$180 for DMNH Members, $205 for non-members.

Register by the week

Price per day:

$40 for DMNH Members, $45 for non-members.

Register by the day

What we provide:

  • A relatively quiet, independent work space for students to complete their coursework
  • Staff to help keep them engaged, on-task, and troubleshoot technical issues
  • A safe social experience when not working on school work
  • Fun, hands-on, science based activities when not working on school work
  • Before and after care for an additional cost

What we do not provide:

  • Virtual learning tools such as computers, headphones, tablets, charging cords, etc.
  • Tutoring – our staff is available to support your learner but we are not providing a tutoring service or classroom content specific learning activities
  • Comprehension assessment – our staff is available to support your learner but we are not responsible for ensuring comprehension or providing reports on their progress
  • Meals – Participants will need to bring any snacks and lunch they will need throughout the day.

Participants will receive a full description of our policies in their welcome packets. Should you have questions or want to discuss prior to registration, please contact Megan at 302-658-9111, ext. 306, or at

Hygiene and Safety

The Delaware Museum of Natural History has put in place procedures to ensure that students and staff follow guidelines from the CDC and State of Delaware, Division of Public Health.

  • DMNH staff will ensure students can maintain social distancing whenever possible, including inside and outside of the Museum.
  • Each learner will receive their own designated space.
  • DMNH galleries and program spaces, supplies, and surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day. Cleaning and disinfecting supplies will be available at all times. Staff will review and practice all procedures with your learners.
  • If your participant is not 100% themselves, even for reasons that in previous years you may have still sent them to school (ex: slight runny/stuffy nose, slight sore throat, headache, etc.) please, we ask that you plan on keeping them home. We do not have the expertise to distinguish between a symptom of the common cold, and a symptom from COVID. As such, we have to act with an abundance of caution. Please support our efforts to provide an on-site experience by also approaching each day with an abundance of caution.

Face Masks

DMNH REQUIRES that each participant wear a face mask at all times throughout the day. Participants will be asked to bring 2 clean, well-fitting masks with them each day. A face mask fits properly when it meets all of the following criteria:

  • Covers the nose, mouth, and chin.
  • Sits snugly on the face.
  • Stays in place when talking and playing.
  • The participant has practiced wearing their mask while doing a variety of activities, such as playing, reading, etc.
  • Masks should be washed each night if they are to be used the following day.