This program is canceled for 2020 because of  program restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launched in 2019, last year’s Summer Science Corps included nine teens, who led hands-on science programs throughout the Museum and assisted with special events, summer camp, and family programs.

Some of the teens were also involved in other DMNH programs. Ian’s previous years volunteering at DMNH inspired him to apply for Summer Science Corps. Kristian and Nicole are also part of the Teen Leadership Team for the Delaware Science Café program.

Many of the corps came to the Museum as younger children and wanted to share their interests in nature and science with a new generation of children.  Lily described how amazing it felt to teach one young boy. “He was so passionate that it was such a pleasure talking to him and explaining things to him and teaching him things he didn’t already know,” she said. Lily wants to be a research scientist when she graduates from college. Added Rohan, “It is our responsibility to educate the next generation and make sure they have a general idea of the natural sciences.”

They also hope the experience will help them in their future careers, whether as scientists or for overall leadership skills. “An experience like this where I’ve been working with animals and working with people is really helping me with what I may want to do in the future,” said Nick.  When Matt was in first grade, he toured the Museum’s mollusk collection with Elizabeth Shea, Ph.D., Curator of Mollusks. “I was so inspired by the collection and Dr. Shea’s work that I started collecting shells. She told me that one day, I could come back and work in the collection.” He hopes the program could give him a reference and the experience needed to be able to get into a great Marine Biology program for college.

Article by Ashley Meier

Teens interested in science are invited to apply for the second year of the Summer Science Corps, an interactive program for teens going into grades 10-12.

Candidates have the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in early childhood education, gallery interpretation, education collections, special events, family programs, and more. Summer Science Corps members are required to volunteer a minimum of three consecutive weeks in a row for at least two days a week and must provide two references.